EEF suspends five endurance riders

‘Taking such harsh decision is regrettable, but our motive is to protect the sport,’ says Al Kamali 

‘Taking such harsh decision is regrettable, but our motive is to protect the sport,’ says Al Kamali

The Emirates Equestrian Federation (EEF) has acted swiftly and decided to clamp down on offences and restructure the sport of endurance riding in the UAE.

Late on Thursday, the Executive Board of the EEF headed by its Chairman His Excellency Mohammed Al Kamali decided to suspend five endurance riders while temporarily suspending all endurance rides and activity in the country at least till February 11.

These swift decisions have been taken by the governing body for the sport in the UAE following violations and abuse of rules noted during the course of the Youth Endurance Ride (120kms) held on January 30. As many as 55 horses participated in this ride, but five riders and their mounts were eliminated after gross offences had been discovered during the course of the ride. The Executive Board of the EEF also decided to ban five trainers who were

overseeing the horses and riders, while the grooms of the horses will forfeit their licences.

Additionally, each of the five stables involved in the violations will have to pay fines of $100,000 to the EEF. The supreme body also decided that henceforth all Endurance Villages, Clubs and Stables will be required to adhere to a

uniform process of registering all service crew associated with sport. All personnel will be handed out permits which they will have to have on display during the course of the rides in the future.

"The safety of horses and compliance with all rules and regulations is of utmost importance to the integrity of any sport. It is crucial that we maintain the authenticity of Endurance to ensure a bright and healthy future for

the sport," His Excellency Mohammed Al Kamali noted at the end of the meeting late on Thursday.

"The EEF is closely monitoring the situation and we will show a no tolerance policy towards any such breach of the rules and regulations in the future," he added.

Al Kamali regretted the suspension of all endurance activities in the UAE. "But we need to make our stance clear about rules and regulations that have been put in place to run this sport. The ultimate objective is to protect the sport of endurance riding, and one of the ways to do so is to ensure that all rules and regulations are complied by one and all who practice the sport or are associated with it," Al Kamali said.

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