APRIL 09 2019

Spyros Capralos, the Chairman of the Coordination Commission of the 2nd European Games, member of the European Olympic Committees (EOC) Executive Committee, and President of Greece’s NOC, came to Minsk with an official visit. He talked about his impressions in a quick interview for the official website of the Games.

- We had the opportunity to visit several venues where the competitions of the 2nd European Games will be held. We can already say that all the venues are as ready as they can be to accept competitions of this level. At the moment, we can speak not only about excellent venues, but also about the excellent people who will work here and manage all the processes during the Games. We hope that all the best athletes will come to Minsk at the peak of their physical form and show their best results here.

- Do you see any pressing issues related to the preparation of the Games?

- Of course, there are always issues that people will work on until the final seconds before the start. But all the same, we are seeing the progress that the Organising Committee has made in preparing the event.

In addition to sports venues, it is necessary to talk about the Athletes Village. This complex has excellent conditions for life. All the housing units have been noticeably renovated, and this will remain as a legacy for the students after the 2nd European Games.

- How useful to you, personally, was the participation in the international conference "2nd European Games - 2019: psychological, pedagogical and biomedical aspects of training athletes"?

- This conference was important because we discussed various theoretical aspects of sport development in Europe, such as athlete training and the legacy that the 2nd European Games will leave behind.

The international scientific conference, "2nd European Games - 2019: psychological, pedagogical and biomedical aspects of training athletes", was held at several sports and education institutions in Minsk. Belarus’ National Olympic Committee and the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture hosted several panels about such topics as Olympic education, issues in high performance sports, medical and biological support for top-level athletes and reserve athletes, particularities in recruitment, training and management of volunteers during major international competitions, among others. One of the main events was a press conference, which summed up the results of volunteer recruitment at the 2nd European Games.

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