Doha 2030 guarantees unprecedented Asian legacy starting in 2021

The Doha 2030 Asian Games Bid Committee today released further details of Project Legacy 21 – a

series of programmes that will begin from 2021 to meet the immediate and long-term needs of

Asia’s National Olympic Committees (NOCs).

Project Legacy 21 takes advantage of the unique opportunity Doha has to share with Asia its

significant experience and expertise, developed over the past two decades. With virtually all the

necessary infrastructure to host the Asian Games already in place, Doha 2030 is able to focus its

energy on guaranteeing Asia’s NOCs an unprecedented Asian Games legacy that lasts until 2030 and


Project Legacy 21 will use investment legacy savings to create a programme, managed by the OCA

and independently audited, that provides financial investment and knowledge transfer for NOC

development programmes. It will also facilitate knowledge sharing focused on elite sport

development for NOCs and create tailored programmes for athletes to travel to and train at the

multi-sport, state-of-the-art Aspire Academy. As part of Project Legacy 21, Doha 2030 will explore

the opportunities of creating sub-regional training hubs across Asia that draw from the proven

experience of Aspire and best practice in those regions to aid the development of elite sport.

Doha 2030 Chairman HE Sheikh Joaan said:

"The role that the Asian Games can play in inspiring hope and celebrating our continent’s diversity is

more important now than ever than ever before. Through Project Legacy 21, we aim to leverage

Doha’s unique position and deliver meaningful legacy benefits to all of Asia, starting from 2021.

"All Asian NOCs are facing challenges in our countries and as an OCA family we have a responsibility

to offer help and support to one another. Our bid’s message is We All Belong and we believe strongly

that when one NOC succeeds, we all succeed. That is why we are ready to share all our time,

knowledge and infrastructure, with our Asian brothers and sisters to help them prepare their

strongest ever teams for an Asian Games, overcome and build for a brighter future."

Project Legacy 21 also comprises a number of activation programmes including:

Training Camps in all the Olympic sports on the Doha 2030 programme giving athletes the

opportunities and facilities they need to perform at their best.

A Cultural Programme three years prior to the Games which would combine sport and

culture and showcase the friendship, unity, and harmony in the region.

A Youth Camp open to young people from each NOC featuring a combination of sport,

cultural and social activities. Participants will have a role in the Athletes’ Village during the

Games helping to provide a home-away-from-home feel

A Stars of Asia Programme designed to develop future ambassadors for sport in Asia by

collaborating with all Asian NOCs to invite 90 bright individuals of diverse Asian cultures to

take up a full scholarship in Qatar.

NOC Lectures and Workshops by the Aspetar Center of Excellence in all areas of sport

development and science.

Education and Training through partnership with the Josoor Institute, the Qatar Olympic

Academy and Qatar Foundation, offering education, training and professional certification in

sport and event management to NOCs.

Athlete and Team subsidies to support athletes by subsidising accommodation and airline

travel for eligible athletes, as approved by the OCA.

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