Karelim López has no arrest warrant, according to his lawyer

The lobbyist's defense said that López is at home and calmly awaits the decision of the Public Ministry.

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On Monday, a surprising warrant for the search and arrest of 11 people for the case investigating the irregular award of the Puente Tarata III and the unofficial meetings of President Pedro Castillo at the Sarratea passage house in Breña resulted in the preliminary arrest of businessman Zamir Villaverde for 15 days. The measure also affects former presidential businessman Bruno Pacheco, the nephews of the head of state, but does not affect lobbyist Karelim López, an aspiring effective collaborator.

This was revealed by César Nakazaki, a lawyer for the businesswoman who is also being investigated by the Public Ministry for the alleged existence of a mafia in the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC).

The defense of Karelim López indicated that his sponsor is not an effective collaborator in the Puente Tarata case and stressed that, during the investigations, he has collaborated with justice through his statements.

Through his social networks, Nakazaki said that López is at home and is calmly awaiting the decision of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

We have learned of preliminary arrests in the Puente Tarata case. Karelim López is not in effective collaboration in this case and has been declaring truthfully and therefore providing information that he knows. With peace of mind at home he waits if the Public Ministry has understood it in order,” he said.

It should be noted that the Fifth Office of the First Corporate Prosecutor's Office Specialized in Crimes of Corruption of Officials in Lima requested the Judiciary to pre-arrest eleven suspects. According to the magazine caretas, these would be: Victor Valdivia Malpartida, George Pasapera Adrianzen, Luis Carlos Elias Pasapera Adrianzen, Hector Antonio Pasapera Lopez, Edgar William Vargas Mas, Victor Rony San Miguel Velasquez, Alcides Villafuerte Vizcarra, Bruno Pacheco Castillo, Friar Vasquez Castillo and Gian Marco Castillo Gomez (the last two, nephews of President Pedro Castillo).


In Monday's proceedings, Bruno Pacheco and President Castillo's nephews were not found, who would also have a preliminary arrest warrant. This suggests that they could have been warned and that is why they would have disappeared.

Bruno Pacheco works in a duo with President without a doubt. It is unfortunate that no one has explained to him the consequences of proving the truth of the facts under investigation. It is logical because the only defense in which his' cousin 'remains the Ruler,” said César Nakazaki, also on Twitter.

Just as there are no known leaks and whereabouts of the fugitive center dynamics until today, what will happen to Bruno Pacheco and presidential nephews? ”, he said later.


The public prosecutor specializing in civil servant corruption, Karla Zecenarro, presumes the participation of the head of state Pedro Castillo and the former Minister of Transport, Juan Silva Villegas, in an alleged scheme for the award of public works to construction companies.

The prosecutor's report, sent to the Attorney General, indicates that the nephews of the head of state, Fray Vasquez Castillo and Gian Marco Castillo Gómez, in collusion with businessman Zamir Villaverde García, offered construction companies projects from the portfolio of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

In addition, it is presumed that Villaverde offered himself as an “operator of the president of the Republic” to interested businessmen, then they met with the nephews of President Castillo, who then coordinated with the president and former minister Juan Silva the award of millionaire public works in a concerted and irregular manner.