Media Release: Multi-Sport European Championships Finalises Sports Programme and Competition Schedule for Munich 2022



The European Championships 2022 Board has ratified the sports programme and daily competition

schedule for the second edition of the multi-sport event taking place in Munich.

The European Championships Munich 2022 sports programme is available to be downloaded here.

The detailed daily schedule with the exact timing of all events will follow later this year.

Ticket sales to start in October 2021.

The European Championships is set to take place from 11th to 21st August 2022 in the year of the 50th

anniversary of the Summer Games in the German city.

The European Championships Munich 2022 will unite the existing senior championships of nine of the

continent’s leading sports ‘under one roof’ in Munich to create a must-watch, must-attend experience that

elevates the Champions of Europe.

The now-finalised sports programme will feature 4,700 athletes from about 50 nations competing in 176 medal

events. The nation finishing top of the overall medal table for the participating sports will be awarded the

European Championships Trophy.

European Championships Management has coordinated an intensive timetable development process that

involved representatives of the participating Federations of Athletics, Beach Volleyball, Canoe Sprint, Cycling,

Gymnastics, Rowing, Sport Climbing, Table Tennis and Triathlon along with Host City Munich, the European

Broadcasting Union and National Broadcasters.

European Championships 2022 Board Chair and European Athletics Vice President Libor Varhaník, said, ‘’This

is a huge milestone for the European Championships Munich 2022. All stakeholders have worked together in a

spirit of collaboration to develop a fantastic competition schedule over 11 days full of action-packed finals and

gold-medal moments that will feature Europe’s brightest stars including the likes of Dina Asher-Smith, Laura

Ludwig, Yul Oeltze, Adam Ondra, Peter Sagan, Max Whitlock, Birgit Skarstein, Timo Boll and Alistair


‘‘Munich 2022 will be an amazing viewing experience for ticket holders and viewers at home with television,

radio and online channels able to deliver a huge choice of content to sports fans. By uniting our sports, we will

provide broadcasters great storytelling opportunities, allowing them to seamlessly switch between events and

giving audiences the chance to follow their favourite national athletes across the 9 Olympic sports from

morning till night as they strive for European glory.’’

The revamped sports programme for Munich 2022 sees increased diversity, with individual, team and ball

sports all represented, gender equity across all disciplines, and sports appealing to both young and older

audiences. The programme is expected to deliver a greater spread of European medal-winning nations

(estimated 36) than in 2018.


For more information contact:

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European Championships Munich 2022 Head of Communications ( / +49

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European Championships Management Sàrl

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1.The European Championships 2022 will take place from the 11th to 21st August 2022 and will be

staged by the Host City of Munich and the nine participating Federations: European Athletics,

Confédération Européenne de Volleyball, European Canoe Association, Union Européenne de

Cyclisme, European Gymnastics, World Rowing, International Federation of Sport Climbing,

European Table Tennis Union and Europe Triathlon.

2.The sports programme will feature about 4,700 athletes from around 50 nations, with 176 medal

events. The nation finishing top of the overall medal table across all nine participating sports will be

awarded the European Championships Trophy.

3.The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the umbrella body for Europe‘s free-to-air channels, is the

Official Broadcast Partner of the European Championships Munich 2022.

4.European Championships Management (ECM), the organisation that founded the multi-sport European

Championships, manages and coordinates the event in cooperation with the participating Federations,

host cities and broadcast partners, continuously developing the event concept.

5.Munich's Olympic Stadium will be the venue for the European Athletics Championships with the

Marathon and Race Walking held in the city, with over 1,500 athletes from over 50 countries

competing in 50 medal events through 15th-21st August.

6.The CEV EuroBeachVolley will take place at the Königsplatz in downtown Munich through 15th-21st

August, with 128 athletes from 22 nations competing in the men’s and women’s European

championships over seven days.

7.The ECA European Canoe Sprint Championships will take place at the Munich Olympic Regatta

Centre through 18th-21st August, with 675 athletes from nearly 40 countries competing in 42 medal

events over 4 days of competition. The championships will include 12 para canoe events.

8.Four UEC European Cycling Championships will be staged in Munich and its metropolitan area.

Track, Road, BMX Freestyle Park and Mountain Bike will attract 770 of the sport’s top names from

over 40 countries to the Olympiapark, Messe München and the streets of Munich to compete for 30

medal events over 10 days of competition.

9.The European Women’s and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships will take place at the Olympic

Hall in the Olympiapark from 11th to 21st August, respectively, with more than 300 athletes from

nearly 40 countries competing in 14 medal events over six days.

10.The European Rowing Championships will take place at the Munich Olympic Regatta Course 11th-14th

August, with about 660 athletes from more than 30 nations competing for 22 medal events over four

days. The championships will include 4 para rowing events.

11.The IFSC Climbing European Championships will be showcased at the Königsplatz from the 11th to

18th August with 300 climbers from around 30 countries competing in 8 medal events over 7 days.

12.The European Table Tennis Championships will be at the Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle 13th-21st August.

Around 260 athletes from more than 40 countries will compete in 5 medal events over 9 days of

13.The ETU Triathlon European Championships over the first weekend (12th-14th August) will see its

cycling and running transitions in the Olympic Park with swimming in the Olympic Lake as around

120 athletes from around 30 participating nations compete in 3 medal events over 3 days.

14.The inaugural European Championships in Glasgow and Berlin took place through 2nd to 12th August

2018. The event provided a unique platform to elevate the Champions of Europe. A cumulative

television audience of 1.4 billion watched this memorable first edition on free-to-air channels in 44

territories across Europe and worldwide. There were 1.9 billion visits on websites registered and the

reach on social media was 945 million

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