WADA adds languages to ADeL and releases new course for ABP experts

Montreal, 26 June 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Today, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) extended the reach of its anti-doping eLearning platform (ADeL) by adding extra languages and a new course for experts who review Athlete Biological Passports (ABP).

Launched in January 2018 as WADA’s central hub for eLearning courses and resources, the Agency is responding to high demand from around the world by adding six languages to the four that were initially available, and committing to adding more in due course. WADA is grateful to the stakeholders that engaged in translating courses so that content could be made available in the language of their respective countries.

Specifically, the following courses that were launched in January are now available in the languages outlined below:

1. The Athlete Learning Program about Health and Anti-Doping (ALPHA): Croatian and Japanese have been added (to the English, French and Spanish that were already available).

2. Coach True: Indonesian, Khmer, Vietnamese and Thai have been added (to the English, French, Spanish and Polish that were already available).

3. Parents’ Guide: Croatian has been added (to the English, French and Spanish that were already available).

4. Sport Physicians’ Tool Kit: Remains available in English.

5. ADO Kickstart [for administrators and new Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) employees]: Remains available in English.

Deputy Director General of WADA and Director of Education Rob Koehler said: "The ADeL platform has started very strongly since its launch in January and it has given anti-doping education a real boost. The platform allows athletes, coaches and other target groups to improve their knowledge about anti-doping rules while also allowing them to engage with the concept of clean sport.

"We have been encouraged by the demand and, as we continue to add more languages to the platform, we know that demand will continue to rise, especially for ADOs who do not have the resources to develop their own eLearning tools. ADeL should not replace face-to-face education but it does allow ADOs to educate a much broader base of their target groups immediately, and allow them to monitor more effectively the impact of their programs."

The newly added ABP Expert Guide is an educational reference course exclusively for designated ABP experts; therefore, only those who are engaged by an Athlete Passport Management Unit (APMU) to review passports will be provided access. Interested APMUs and passport custodians may request access for experts by contacting athletepassport@wada-ama.org.

WADA has produced a short video to promote ADeL further and to highlight the full range of courses available.

In order to support ADOs to better utilize the user-management function, which allows them to monitor and manage users under their jurisdiction, WADA has published an administrator user guide. Within this function, WADA can grant administrator rights to stakeholders who are verified as managers from relevant ADOs.

Since ADeL’s launch, there have been more than 3,400 user accounts created and 52 administrator rights granted to different managers. These numbers are expected to rise rapidly as ADOs begin promoting eLearning more intensively and as more languages are added.

The user benefits of ADeL are many, including having one account and one sign-in for all anti-doping eLearning resources. The platform is tailored for each user, ensuring a bespoke experience designed for each person’s specific needs. In addition, ADeL can be accessed on different formats and devices, including phones and tablets. Users are also able to demonstrate competence with each course by acquiring a certificate following a test.

Stakeholders wishing to apply for administrator rights and/or those interested in more details about the translation process, please contact adel@wada-ama.org.

Best regards,

World Anti-Doping Agency

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