USOC Board Meeting Tackles 2024 Bid -- Monday Memo

(ATR) Also: freestyle skiing world cup in Beijing ... Indian Olympic Association to meet in Chennai

(ATR)The United States Olympic Committee Board is meeting in Redwood City, California on Dec. 16.

Around the Rings reporters Ed Hula III and Aaron Bauerwill be on the scene.

Four U.S. cities hoping to bid for the 2024 Olympic Games will present their respective proposals to the USOC during the meeting.Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. are all vying to bid for the 2024 Games.

Each city will have an hour to present to the USOC Board and conduct a question and answer session.

After the presentations are complete, the board could call for a vote to decide a 2024 bid's fate. The vote will either be for one of the four cities to be the U.S. 2024 representative, or to decline bidding for the 2024 Olympics. It is also possible that the USOC delays a vote and will ask for more information from the four shortlisted cities.

ATRpreviously reported a decision on a U.S. 2024 bid will be made in January.Financial details are due in the spring, according to report on theWashington Business Journal.

Freestyle Ski Aerials World Cup in Beijing

Beijing will host a leg of the International Ski Federation's (FIS) 2014-2015 Freestyle Ski Aerials World Cup, Dec. 20-21. Competition will take place at the Beijing National Stadium and could have implications for the city's bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

"As Beijing and nearby city Zhangjiakou are bidding for the 2022 Games, an international ski event comes at the right time and it will definitely attract more attention from the public for winter sports as well as promote Beijing to the world," the China News Service quotes RenHongguo, party chief of the National Winter Sports Administration, as saying.

China News reports Olympian Li Nina,a retired female aerialist, also hopes the event will enhance the public's interest in winter sports."The Olympic bid has drawn public interest to winter sports in the city, so we should take the opportunity to bring in more events and further push the passion for winter sports in Beijing."

Beijing is bidding against Almaty, Kazakhstan for the 2022 Games.

Indian Olympic Association Meets in Chennai

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) hosts its Annual General Body Meeting in Chennai on Dec. 19.

This marks the IOA's first AGM since June 2012. They regained IOC recognition in Feb, following a 14-month suspension on the basis of corruption, government interference, and disregarding IOC guidelines.

Officials say the AGM will discuss several issues including a decision on a host venue for the 2018 National Games. India's Hindu Business Line saysUttarakhand has made its bid to host the Games.

Written byNicole Bennettand Andrew Murrell

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