Olympic Flame Tours Siberia

(ATR) The Sochi Olympic flame travels to Western Siberia on Wednesday, where it will take a deer sleigh ride.

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(ATR) The Sochi Olympic flame will travel to Khanty-Mansiysk in Western Siberia on Wednesday.RIA Novostireports that the flame will travel by deer sleigh inKhanty-Mansiysk. The torch relay will travel approximately 15 miles on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the flame flew toNefteyugansk. Sochi 2014 says 30 torchbearers participated in yesterday's portion of the relay, ending with a lighting ceremony in the city's Jubilee Square.Nefteyugansk is a young town, having just recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Thursday will be perhaps the most momentous day of the relay so far. That's the day the torch will venture into outer space.

A cosmonaut will take the torch on a spacewalk outside theInternational Space Station on November 9. The rocket delivering the torch payload will be adorned in the Sochi 2014 color scheme and graphics.

The Reuters news agency reports that a recurring problem facing Sochi torch relay organizers is keeping the flame lit. Russian journalistYulia Latynina tells Reuters the flame has "gone out at least 44 times." The longest torch relay in Olympic history will continue to headeast into Asian Russia over the next couple of weeks before circling back to European Russia.

Written byNicole Bennett.

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