Doha 2030 promises magical Games experience for OCA family

The Doha 2030 Asian Games Bid Committee has pledged to provide all members of the OCA family

with an experience of a lifetime should Doha be awarded the Games in 2030.

Doha is a truly multicultural city – home to people from nearly 100 different countries – and an

established international destination which attracts millions of tourists each year. Doha 2030 will

draw from the city’s wealth of history, culture and entertainment, to ensure that every Games

participant is made to feel welcome in 2030 and that their needs are catered for.

The city’s beautiful, family-friendly beach resorts and luxury spas will provide the perfect place to

relax and unwind away from competition. Doha’s multitude of world-class shopping malls offer

visitors an array of high street and luxury brands as well as a range of recreational facilities; while

those looking to experience the heritage of traditional Arab markets can visit Doha’s spellbinding


Doha also boasts a thriving arts and culture scene with countless museums, galleries and public art

installations that showcase traditional and contemporary Qatari and Asian culture. This fusion of

cultures and the old and new is a hallmark of Doha. It is reflected in the tradition of its harbours set

against a backdrop of stunning modern skyscrapers and in the rich diversity of its restaurants and

nightlife. From fine-dining to family-style, Doha’s thousands of restaurants and cafes serve local and

international cuisines that will cater for the tastes of the whole OCA family.

Doha 2030 Asian Games Bit Committee CEO and the secretary general of Qatar Olympic Committee

HE Jassim Albuenain said:

"Doha has the experience and expertise to deliver Games services to the very highest standards. We

can guarantee world-class venues and training facilities, 5-star accommodation and a seamless

modern transport network, all of which combine to ensure Asia’s athletes will be the stars of our

show. But Doha also offers so much more. It is a city where different cultures live side by side in

harmony and friendship; where tradition meets modernity and where nature meets human

innovation. Doha 2030 would ensure that the special moments the OCA family enjoy in 2030 would

go beyond competitions and would be part of the everyday experiences of living in our magical and

inclusive city."

Qatar National Tourism Council secretary-general and Qatar Airways Group chief executive HE Akbar

al-Baker said "The Asian Games is about more than sport. It is an opportunity to bring Asia together

in friendship and celebration of our cultural diversity. We have no doubt that Doha is the perfect city

to do that because it already makes these kind of connections every day. It is a melting pot of

different cultures and nationalities and attracts millions of international visitors every year. Doha has

something to offer everyone, whatever your age, background or interests. It is a city where everyone

is welcome and where we all belong. And it is a city that is ready to provide the OCA family with the

experience of a lifetime in 2030."

For more information visit: www.agdoha2030@qa

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