WKF launches new website

MADRID (SPAIN) – 02 JANUARY 2020 - The World Karate Federation is further expanding its digital reach with a new and improved website. Just in time to celebrate the new year, the WKF is pleased to announce the launching of its new digital platform.

Designed to improve user experience, the new website is conceived to strengthen its status as the main hub of the sport in the digital world. It features a renovated and intuitive layout that reflects WKF’s innovative essence.

Optimised to all devices and connected to WKF’s popular social media channels, the new platform presents updated functionalities to continue catering to the interest of Karate fans around the world. Among the new features, all website contents can now be shared on social media, while the ample video and photo resources of the WKF are now highlighted with the new design.

Additionally, karatekas receive star treatment with fresh and modern content sections. Results, event information, and competition details are streamlined to be integrated into the events micro-sites. The Homologated Items section is also enhanced thus allowing approved brands to present their products with increased flexibility.

"We are thrilled to launch our new portal to the world. The new WKF.net best represents our interest in technical excellence and innovation; we have worked hard to deliver a website that can inspire our millions of fans around the world. While our sport continues getting ready to make its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2020, and as part of our growth strategy, we are proud to present this dynamic online resource. WKF.net will act as our gateway to the world, and will further demonstrate that the WKF is a leading, advanced sports organisation" said WKF President Antonio Espinós.


About the World Karate Federation

The World Karate Federation is the international governing body of Karate. With 191 national federations and headquarters in Madrid (Spain), the World Karate Federation manages the sport of Karate and organises Karate events around the world. To learn more about WKF and its activities, please visit www.wkf.net.

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