Russian Athletics Commits to Reform

(ATR) Russian reform commission recognizes the need to implement lasting change within Russian athletics.

(ATR) The Independent Coordination Commission for the Russian Olympic Committee says it recognizes the need to implement lasting change within Russian athletics.

The ICC concluded its two-day meeting with the IAAF Taskforce at ROC headquarters in Moscow on Tuesday. The meeting marked the first visit of the IAAF Taskforce to Russia andis the first step towards rooting out the corruption and doping issuesengulfing the All Russia Athletics Federation.

The scandal has led to the suspension of the federation by the IAAF. Until that sanction is lifted, Russian track and field athletes cannot compete at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The IAAF Taskforce is led by Rune Anderson and is responsible for overseeing the reinstatement efforts of the federation. Andersen is joined by IAAF Council members Abby Hoffman, Anna Riccardi, Frank Fredericks and Geoff Gardner.

"The Taskforce has emphasized the need to demonstrate a recognition of current problems and a determination to effect real and lasting change in Russian athletics, and that has been recognized by Mr Aleshin and his colleagues," said Anderson.

Discussions at the meeting included arrangements for the timely resolution of open doping cases, investigations into issues raised by the WADA Independent Commission report, the collection of whereabouts information and plans for rigorous testing of Russian track and field athletes.

"We are glad to have had the opportunity to meet with the IAAF Taskforce for constructive and professional discussions," said ICC chairman Gennady Aleshin. "We are committed to working with Rune Andersen and his colleagues moving forward to meet all IAAF requirements."

The IAAF laid out the reinstatement conditions for ARAF on Dec. 11 following the federation’s suspension on Nov. 26. The independent Taskforce will only recommend reinstatement if all verification conditions are met.

ARAF will have the opportunity to cross off one of the reinstatement conditions on its checklist on Saturday as the federation holds its first elections since the scandal erupted. "Cleaning house" of all staff involved in the past doping practices is one of the primary goals ARAF must accomplish.

The Taskforce and ICC will hold its second meeting in Moscow in February.

Written by KevinNutley

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