Grammys 2022: the dress that Selena Quintanilla wore when she won an award in 1994

The “Queen of Tex-Mex” wore that outfit on another memorable occasion

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On March 31, 1995, it shocked Mexico, as Selena Quintanilla, one of the most important national exponents of music, was tragically murdered. However, 27 years after her death, the legacy of the Queen of Tex-Mex is still valid.

So much so that at the Selena Museum located in Corpus Christi, Texas, one of the most representative outfits of the performer of hits such as The Boy from Apartment 512 or Like a Flower is still on display. This is the famous golden dress that the singer wore during the 36th Grammys and then we tell you her whole story.

It all started in 1993, when Selena released the album Selena Live! , an album that features live songs performed by the Mexican during a free concert she performed at the Memorial Coliseum in Corpus Christi on February 7, 1993.

Selena quintanilla grammy
Selena Quintanilla wore the dress in the recording of “No me queda más” (Photo: Screenshot/YT Selena)

But what was even more surprising was that the singer was nominated in the category Best Mexican-American Music Album that took place in 1994 and won.

“'I would like to thank the company, the president of EMI Latin, José Behar, for making this night possible and having faith in us, putting that faith in us four years ago. I would also like to thank my band, Los Dinos, my father Abraham, my brother, who is the producer of my music and also my sister, thanks for all the support. And I would also like to thank the entire EMI Latin family, thank you for having faith in me, I love you, thank you”, was what Selena said when she picked up her award.

The singer turned 27 years of losing her life (Photo: Twitter/ @sele -navive)

This award is reminiscent of Selena wearing an iconic metallic dress that was designed by Lillie Rubin for the Caché brand and that the singer bought at The Galleria shopping center in Houston Texas. Thus, in the images of that occasion you can see the performer with her characteristic black hair up, silver earrings and an intense red lipstick.

That same outfit would be worn again by the singer in the official video of No me queda más, which was the third single from her album Amor Prohibido. Even in the “behind the scenes” of this recording, Selena Quintanilla remarked that she had gained a little weight since the 1994 Grammy Awards and that the dress was more fitted. But he soon joked and pointed out that it had been a “factory defect”.

Selena quintanilla grammy
The dress is in the Selena Museum (Photo: IG @selenaqofficial)

It is worth mentioning that Selena not only contended that occasion for an award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States, but also won a nomination in 1995 for Best Mexican Regional Album for Prohibited Love and in 1998 for Best Soundtrack Album for Visual Media.

Likewise, in 2021 he was awarded the GRAMMY Award for Artistic Career posthumously. For the 63rd edition of the Grammys, Selena Quintanilla reappeared on the music academy scene, after 28 years of receiving her award in life, the singer from Tex Mex was awarded for her legacy and artistic career that she left.

The Quintanilla family confessed that they were happy and grateful for the Grammys decision to award her the prize for Selena's career. Abraham Quintanilla said that his daughter would have been very excited about the honor of the award. “This award represents all his hard work, and what is important, it represents our Latino culture,” Mr. Quintanilla explained for People magazine.