The father of the “egg” Trevigno threatened the officials of Nuevo Laredo for his son’s birth certificate.

The commando accompanied Treviño Chávez’s father and his lawyer to threaten a civil registration employee who did not have documents.

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The arrest of El Huebo Juan Gerardo Trevigno Chávez, leader of the Northeast cartel on Sunday, March 13, is causing violence: he has already been repatriated to the United States to continue the process.

One of the most recent events was reported by the Tamaulipas government on Wednesday. In a statement, it was announced that a couple went to the first civil registry office in Nuevo Laredo and asked for a birth certificate from the Kingpin.

According to information, people identified themselves as lawyers and father of Treviño Chavez, who assured that the reason for the visit was to request the issuance of this document in the name they claimed to represent.

However, officials stated that the requested birth registration was canceled on November 13, 2020 by an administrative contract issued by the General Civil Registration Adjustment of the Tamaulipas Government, which was created using false data.

For this reason, the lawyer and father of “El Huevo” received information that the request could not be made. Both immediately withdrew, but later returned with armed civilians and threatened to demand a birth certificate from the agency's staff.

The employees observed that there was no way to comply with the order and actually issue the document. Since they did not refuse to answer, the couple and the order demanded that they use force to issue a recognition for the existence of the mentioned birth certificate.

All this situation was witnessed by office staff and users who were inside the building. Until now, no one has been reported who has suffered significant losses or injuries due to this fact.

Finally, the authorities explained in detail that the relevant complaint was submitted to the Attorney General and the Attorney General's Office for consolidation and investigation. It was also announced that the state government did not recognize the issuance of documents generated in these situations of violence against Tamaulipas officials.

He has been designated as the top leader of the Armed Forces known as the Northeast Cartel (CDN) and the Army of Hell, maintaining a fierce struggle against Gulf cartel cells and territorial disputes against the Old School Jetas.

Before being captured, he received three arrest warrants. One is for extradition purposes in the state of Tamaulipas for extortion and criminal associations, the other in the state of Koahuila against intentional murder and terrorism, and the other for extradition purposes against drug trafficking and money laundering.

Trevigno Chávez is the nephew of the last letter Miguel Ángel Trevigno Morales, the bloodthirsty last leader of the cartel of Z-40. El Huevo is the oldest member of Los Treviños, another criminal group with a long history in Tamaulipas.

According to a report by the Stratfor agency, El Huevo sought to control the Monterrey metropolitan area. But there was José Rodolfo Villarreal Hernandez “El Gato”, who is in control of the region by the Los Beltran Leiba cartel.

Now, this drug camp After the Mexican authorities handed him over at the Tijuana border crossing in Baja California, the process will continue in the United States.It will be linked to San Diego, California. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the U.S. Marshal Administration received Gerardo Trevino 20 minutes after midnight on March 15.

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