HOC General Assembly elects Ethics Committee

The Hungarian Olympic Committee held its second General Assembly of the year where members of the newly founded Ethics Committee were approved by a big margin.

The fourteen-item agenda included commemorating those who passed away and left the Hungarian Olympic family since the organisation’s last General Assembly on 24 May, a welcome speech by Secretary of State for Sports of the Ministry of Human Resources Dr. Tünde Szabó, followed by the summary of HOC President Krisztián Kulcsár on Hungarian successes (15 World Championships medals in Olympic sports in 2019: 8 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze).

Regarding Tokyo2020, Kulcsár reiterated that HOC estimates put the headcount of the Hungarian delegation at around 160 athletes, with the Hungarian NOC expecting 13 medals.

HOC Director of Sport László Fábián gave an overview of the 2nd European Games in Minsk, the Baku EYOF and the inaugural edition of the ANOC World Beach Games in Doha. 121 athletes competed in 14 disciplines in Minsk, winning 19 medals, 88 youth athletes travelled to Baku to bring home 21 medals, while 32 athletes experienced the scorching Doha weather, securing 4 medals.

The General Assembly also unanimously approved amendments to the Articles of Association. As Secretary-General Bálint Vékássy put it, the changes were justified for the reasons of creating an independent Ethics Commission and aligning the Articles of Association with the Rules for Organisation and Operation.

The HOC GA, based on recommendations put forward by the Executive Board, elected former water polo player and businessman Dr. György Beck, economist János Csák, Olympic swimmer, modern pentathlete and sport leader Attila Császári, lawyer, securities expert and businesswoman Dr. Ilona Hardy, sport leader, lawyer and former Hungarian national ice hockey team member Dr. Zsuzsanna Kolbenheyer, acclaimed physician, university professor, pathologist and Hungarian Academy of Sciences full member Dr. Péter Sótonyi and last but not least, physician, pharmacologist, a keen researcher of the brain and the nervous system, university professor and former Hungarian Academy of Sciences President Szilveszter Vizi E. into the Ethics Committee.

The majority of the members of the freshly established Ethics Committee come from outside of sport, although it does not mean they are totally outsiders.

The Secretary-General also reported on progress made in realizing the HOC Strategy approved in 2019, including, but not limited to, regular international newsletters, the foundation of an independent Ethics Committee, broadening international relations, partnership agreements signed with NOCs and sharing the benefits of such deals with federations and athletes.

BOM Foundation for Hungarian Sport President Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy stressed the importance of the dual career programme supported by prominent Hungarian businessmen and domestic companies. "During the span of six years 110 athletes received roughly EUR 255 000 financial assistance, contributing to 72 university degrees. At the moment, we have 36 grantees, at least 5 of whom will compete in Tokyo next year, for example sport shooter István Péni." The President of the foundation also revealed that they will launch a mentoring programme come next year.

Table tennis player, CEO of the International Table Tennis Federation, former HOC Executive Board member Judit Faragó, Olympic silver medallist ice dancer, Sports Director of the International Skating Union and former HOC Executive Board member Krisztina Regőczy and athlete, PE teacher, HOC Executive Board member and Fair Play Award winner Gábor Kunszt were granted Hungarian Olympic Committee Honorary Member titles.

At the end of the day, former HOC Secretary-General and International Weightlifting Federation President Dr. Tamás Aján congratulated everybody involved in the event and expressed his gratitude for organising such a high-quality General Assembly.

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