Golden 25 -- Ukraine Sports Hero, IOC Member #20 Sergey Bubka

(ATR) Sergey Bubka gained acclaim as one of the great pole vaulters of all time and still holds the world record since 1984. Now he is making waves as Ukraine NOC President, chair of the IOC Entourage Commission and a member of the Executive Board.

The Entourage Commission was formed in 2010 as a result of a recommendation from the 2009 Olympic Congress in Copenhagen. The purpose is to review rules and policies of the IOC that affect the coterie of individuals who work with Olympic athletes. The idea is to help stem doping, match-fixing and other pernicious activities that an athlete needs accomplices to carry out.

Bubka tells Around the Rings that the commission will make its first major proposals in the coming year.

In addition to his IOC duties, Bubka is also a vice president of the IAAF and is seen as a possible candidate one day for president of the federation.

Bubka, 50, has led the Ukraine NOC since 2005. In 2013 the NOC marks its 100th anniversary of Olympism and may take further steps towards a possible Winter Olympic bid.

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Written and reported by the ATR Staff.