Federation International du Sport Universitaire and National Collegiate Athletic Association Meet, Pledge Closer Cooperation.

Both organizations pledged closer collaboration aimed at benefiting student athletes all around the world.

Following a meeting between Fédération International du Sport Universitaire (FISU) president Oleg Matytsin, and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) President Mark Emmert at the NCAA’s headquarters, both organizations pledged closer collaboration aimed at benefiting student athletes all around the world.

"It was very clear from our meeting that both FISU and the NCAA share a common mission: using the positive values of sport to help students achieve their full potential," said FISU President Oleg Matytsin. "Given this shared focus, it was no surprise that we should find much common ground and I look forward to seeing just how much we can achieve together in the future. It was a pleasure to recognize the achievements of the NCAA in more than 110 years of supporting student athletes."

"I appreciate how FISU also recognizes the power of sports and the importance of promoting sports in conjunction with the university spirit," said NCAA president Mark Emmert. "As stewards of athletics at the world’s colleges and universities, our organizations must continue to create the positive experiences and opportunities for students to not only compete but also learn through sports. To meet that charge, I am excited to collaborate with FISU."

As an initial step towards developing a shared understanding of the benefits and applications of university sports, Mark Emmert will attend the forthcoming Taipei 2017 World University Games. While there, Emmert will contribute to a FISU Conference that will bring together university sports leaders and experts from around the world.

"Our organizations have a special opportunity to facilitate learning through sports in the context of higher education," continued Emmert. "By providing a well-rounded experience of academics and sports, colleges and universities are best able to promote the success of students. I look forward to our organizations working together to provide a pathway to lifelong success for students around the world."

While in Indiana, the delegation from FISU and World University Games USA also visited Indiana University, where there they toured facilities and met with student athletes.

"FISU has recently moved to a model of having universities compete directly in some international competitions, while we also maintain our traditional model of national teams in others," added Matytsin. "This change has paved the way for greater participation from American universities. FISU was delighted, for example, to experience Hoosier basketball tradition at first hand with Indiana University sending a team to our 3x3 World University Championship last year."

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