Bid follows city's green model with electric cars

Madrid, 7 June, 2013

The bid for the Olympic Games is intended to transform the economy, with the introduction of new models of management, new concepts in urban transport and the latest technology – everything the Spanish capital needs to be an ultra-modern 'smart' metropolis.

The urban runabout manufactured by Renault is a step further in that direction, adding to the environmentally friendly transport already on the streets of Madrid.

Renault has donated four of its 'ZOE' vehicles to the bid which is aiming for zero carbon emissions explained Mayor Ana Botella. At a presentation of the cars in the Galeria de Cibeles she was accompanied by Alejandro Blanco, the president of the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Madrid 2020 campaign.

Mayor Botella said she's "delighted that the bid is joining the green fleet". "With its commitment to zero carbon emissions, Madrid 2020 is going to be a model in environmental terms."

All vehicles in the Olympic Village will be electric, powered by solar panels installed in the surrounding areas.

The Mayor went on to explain that donations from the private sector are fundamental to Madrid 2020.

"Thanks to private sponsorship the cost of this bid to the taxpayer is the least of all those that have been presented.

"More than half of the funding has come from companies that support a project which has received more enthusiastic backing from the public than any in recent years."

She added: "Going for the Olympic and Paralympic Games is something we are doing for ourselves, for our economy, our image on the world stage, and to show that we are up to any challenge, in terms of infrastructure, planning or organization.

"Madrid is prepared to host the Games and use them to boost the economy, to stimulate growth and bring young people into the labour market."

Mr Blanco reaffirmed the bid's commitment to "changing things so that Madrid and Spain as a whole becomes a global benchmark, particularly with regards to its model for organising the Olympic Games.

José Vicente de los Mozos, the Director of Renault Spain, reiterated the company's commitment to Madrid 2020, which is the "greenest Olympic project in years".

Backing this point, the Mayor said that since 2004 the city council has promoted the use of electric vehicles as an excellent option for transport by reducing the tax on these cars by 75%.

The municipal authority also changed the regulations in the Controlled Parking Service, which discourages the use of cars within the city centre, in line with the Air Quality Plan.

Since then dozens of recharge points where batteries can be topped up have been installed in car parks and on the street. This is in addition to incorporating electric minibuses into EMT, the municipal transport fleet, and vehicles used for park maintenance.

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