Tokyo 2020 Holds First Meeting of Candidate Selection Committee

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) today held the first meeting of its Candidate Selection Committee (Chairperson: Tokyo 2020 Honorary President MITARAI Fujio) to select the next Tokyo 2020 President, the establishment of which was approved at the gathering of Council and Executive Board members on February 12. At today's meeting, based on Chairperson Mitarai's proposal, eight of the committee members discussed the qualities required of a new president, and the following five criteria were agreed upon:

1. Profound knowledge of the Olympics, the Paralympics and sport in general

2. Deep understanding of the principles of the Tokyo 2020 Games and the Olympic Charter, including gender

equality, diversity and inclusion; ability to actualise them during the Games and as keystones of the Tokyo

2020 legacy

3. Experience on the global stage; international profile and sense of awareness

4. Understanding of the overall background of the Tokyo 2020 Games and their current state of preparation

5. Organisational management skills and ability to bring together diverse stakeholders

The committee will make its selection of candidates for Tokyo 2020 president in accordance with these five

criteria as swiftly as possible.

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