'Baku 2019' European Youth Olympic Festival Organizing Committee unveils official games emblem

Today the ‘Baku 2019’European Youth Olympic Festival(EYOF)Organizing Committeeis marking the 1-Year-to-Go milestone which starts the official countdown to the Opening Ceremony of the 15th Summer European Youth Olympic Festival. This important milestone is celebrated by unveiling the official emblem for the‘Baku 2019’ EYOF.

Designed bya local team of designers frombrand agency‘Leo Burnett’, it is a modern, dynamicand flexible brand identity that fosters the spirit of friendship, fair play and tolerance.

A key task for any major international multi-sport event is to create a unique brand and visual identity that reflects the culture of the host city and distinguish it from previous other major events, forming an integral part of the overall ‘look and feel’ of the event, as seen by millions of people around the world.

Themodern‘Baku 2019’EYOF emblemvividlyreflects the heritage and culture of Baku (‘fire’ and ‘buta’ which is the ancient Azeri paisley pattern), as well as some of Baku’s most iconic modern architecture (The Flame Towers and The Heydar Aliyev Center), all intertwined with the concepts of union and friendship throughsport.

Featuring bright gradients of color, the logo incorporatesa vibrant color palette to reflect the youthful energy of the participants and the diverse beauty of Baku.

Azad Rahimov, Minister of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan and Deputy Chair of the ‘Baku 2019’ Organizing Committee said: "As well as highlighting Azerbaijan culture, the logo also embodies thetruespirit of the European Olympic movement and their quest for sporting excellence that inspires and excites the world.We are looking forward to welcomingthe young athletes ofEurope toBakuas we createyet another historicsportingeventin Azerbaijan."

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