NOC NSF appoints Marcelien de Koning as TeamNL chef d’emission

NOC*NSF believes that sports has the power to accelerate the process to a more sustainable world. Therefore Marcelien de Koning is appointed as the world’s first ‘chef d’émission’. Her main concern will be how the world of sports can contribute to societies sustainability challenges. That means that her mission goes beyond reducing emissions of the Dutch national team, TeamNL.

Maurits Hendriks, High Performance Director TeamNL at NOC*NSF: ‘’TeamNL’s activities and field of work are, of course, international. That comes with responsibilities, for example for the emissions we cause. We want to reach further than that however. We appointed a chef d'émission because we want to reduce. But also because we want to inspire others towards more sustainable behavior. The world of sports has enormous potential to contribute to a more sustainable world. Especially because one can reach half of the world population through sports. Besides, it is a subject that is of great concern for TeamNL athletes.’’

Marcelien de Koning, chef d'émission: ‘’This appointment is a huge honor for me. There is so much to gain for sports to be a sustainability podium. Already there are so many great initiatives within the world of sports. It is time to make these more visible and inspire others with their results.’’

Benchmark for the new chef d'émission will be the summer Olympics in Paris 2024. Hendriks: ‘’It is obvious and yet special that Paris 2024 takes the Paris Agreement as a starting point. The goals is to make Paris 2024 the world’s first Olympic and Paralympic Games with a positive contribution to the climate. That objective cannot be the sole responsibility of the host country. We all share that responsibility. That is the power of het Olympic movement. We take up the gauntlet with TeamNL.’’

Earlier today there was a table discussion between chef d'émission Marcelien de Koning, Maurits Hendriks, High Performance Director NOC*NSF and Tim van Dooren, Director More2Win. This table discussion can be viewed here.

Chef d'émission is a brainchild of More2Win and Copper8. Together with NOC*NSF they share the dream of appointing a chef d'émission in every country for the 2028 Games in Los Angeles. More2Win and Copper8 support NOC*NSF in the Dutch approach. They in turn involve other knowledge partners of which TU Delft is the first example.

Please contact NOC*NSF Press department for more information or for interview requests with Maurits Hendriks or Marcelien de Koning.

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