Nicky Jam would have a new girlfriend, a stunning Colombian model

According to some versions, Grecia Viloria would be the artist's new partner, who recently released his latest musical work

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En la imagen, el cantante Nicky Jam. EFE/Alejandro García/Archivo
En la imagen, el cantante Nicky Jam. EFE/Alejandro García/Archivo

In October 2021, Puerto Rican Nicky Jam announced the start of a new courtship with Venezuelan model Genesis Aleska, but the controversy arose because she was a friend of American Cydney Moreau, also a model and with whom the artist had a relationship eight months earlier.

With the American she lasted a year and a half, but her tusa didn't last long and a proof of this was the announcement she made regarding her new love affair, which she painted well at first as it happens in most relationships, because the artist gave her a pink Lamborghini Huracán for Christmas, whose price is around 250 thousand dollars (more than 933 million Colombian pesos at the current exchange rate); however, there seems to be no happy ending to this link.

The first rumor that fuels the theory of a possible breakup is the couple have not shared photos since March 14; and the second was recently released by the program 'I know everything', where they stated that they have not had meetings in public for a long time, and even pointed out that since last March 17, the day when Nicky Jam celebrated their birthday in Aspen, United States, the couple are estranged.

But that wasn't all: that entertainment magazine also speculated about who would be the new girlfriend of the performer of hits like 'Mischief', 'Curiosity' and 'El forgiven' among others. It would be another model, but of Colombian nationality.

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Grecia Viloria is the name that puts on the table 'I know everything' as Nicky Jam's new partner, and on social networks there would be evidence, because in principle, a photo of the Colombian woman was known at a concert by the urban artist; until then everything was normal, but the strange thing happened when, apparently, they shared very close together behind the stage, something that caught the attention of one or the other attendees.

La modelo colombiana Grecia Viloria sería la nueva novia de Nicky Jam.
FOTO:Vía Instagram (grecia.viloria31)
La modelo colombiana Grecia Viloria sería la nueva novia de Nicky Jam. FOTO:Vía Instagram (grecia.viloria31)

Given this rumor, neither of the two celebrities has confirmed or denied the fact; but the artist has not clarified the possible break with Genesis Aleska either. What he has done is post, especially on Instagram, photos, videos and stories alone, raising suspicion about a break with the Venezuelan woman.

On social networks it is presumed that the international model would be the new partner of the Puerto Rican. VIDEO: Instagram (I know everything)

With regard to the musical news of the singer...

It is worth mentioning that Nicky Jam comes from doing two successful concerts in Canada. There he has included in his repertoire the most recent single 'Red Ojos'; and the fact is that the reception among his fans has been such that after two months of release it managed to position itself as the number one track on two of the most prestigious music charts of Billboard magazine.

The artist did not hesitate to show his joy for this achievement that came in the middle of his musical tour, and said: “Very happy for this professional moment that I am living. Taking my music to so many cities and receiving so much love from the public is indescribable and to that, adding the great support that a song that we did with such affection as Ojos Rojos was, is a great blessing” and concluded by thanking his thousands of fans who helped to position the song at the top of those lists.

It is worth noting that the official video for this single has accumulated more than 16 million views on YouTube, and despite the controversy generated regarding his love life, the performer continues to grow in visits after this release.