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(ATR) WADA president Craig Reedie talks about the need for clean sport in first video of new series WADA Talks.

(ATR) World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) president Craig Reedie talks about the need for clean sport in the first interview of a new video series called WADA Talks.

The new series will feature leaders from the anti-doping movement, government officials and members of the athlete community speaking on the topic of protecting clean sport.

The president says one of the best ways to protect clean sporting practices is through the use of education.

"At the end of the day, if we can’t persuade young people around the world they shouldn’t become involved in any doping practices, we aren’t going to win this."

During the interview, Reedie notes the importance of using the phrase "protecting clean sport" as a way to change the mindset of those working to eliminate the use of doping. Using this language opposed to "fighting a war against doping" puts WADA’s efforts in a more positive light, in contrast to fighting a war that cannot be won.

Although he has improved efforts to combat doping, he says there is still work to be done and help is more readily available today than in the past.

"We need to find new methods. We need to find better ways of doing this to see if we can make it faster, to see if we can make it cheaper, to see if we can make it more effective… Governments have been strong supporters."

Reedie details how increased government involvement in anti-doping efforts all started with IOC president Thomas Bach and his initiative to offer $10 million to WADA, $6 million of which has been matched by various governments.

This aid allows WADA to further its research into ways of testing athletes and changing procedures to make the entire process more efficient.

WADA says they will continue the series throughout 2015 and beyond, with new episodesairing on their YouTube channel WADAmovies.

The full interview with WADA president Craig Reedie can be seen below:

Written by Kevin Nutley

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