Huge surge in IAAF website users - Sopot 2014

The three days of competition at Sopot 2014, from Friday 7 to Sunday 9 March, saw the IAAF website achieve historic user figures for an IAAF World Indoor Championships.

When compared to the largest previous edition, two years ago in Istanbul 2012, the IAAF website had huge increases in two key statistics: a 74.65% increase in Overall Visits and a 172.82% increase in Unique Users.

There were 3,804,903 Page Views achieved from 220 territories across the globe with an average Page Load Time of 4.85 seconds.

There was an accumulated total of 4,541,258 minutes spent by users on the LIVE page.

Overall Visits

74.65% increase: Sopot 2014 898,467 - Istanbul 2012 514,442

Unique Visitors172.82% increase: Sopot 2014 665,405 - Istanbul 2012 243,901


Not surprisingly the outdoor IAAF World Championships, the world’s third largest sports event after the summer Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup, remains the most popular IAAF competition for IAAF website users.

The largest ever figures of over one million unique daily users and over 16 million daily page views being achieved in Berlin 2009.

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