Rio Sets Out to Look Olympic

(ATR) The look of the Rio 2016 Olympics is no longer just confined to the sporting venues.

(ATR) The look of the Games has extended outside of the Olympic venues in Rio de Janeiro.

Signage featuring the Rio 2016 look of the Games started to appear at the end of June outsideGaleao International Airport, along major highways in the city and in the tourist laden South Zone. It is part of the effort by the city’s department of tourism to brighten the city in anticipation of the 2016 Olympic Games.

Paulo Villela, marketing director for RioTur, told Around the Rings the locations of the installations were chosen based off research from events such as the 2014 World Cup and the 2013 World Youth Day featuring a visit from the Pope.The agency sought to continue successful engagement with the local and tourist populations that had visited Rio during previous mega-events.

"We focused on the way that people travel within Rio de Janeiro," Villela said. "These are the most visible spaces in the city, so we have to make it more visible from the city’s decorations."

All of the installations feature the color landscape from the look of the Games, of Rio 2016 as well as the Games’ slogan "A New World," and the city’s "" tourism campaign. Many of the installations are featured on bridges and tunnels, in various major roadways to increase visibility. RioTur collaborated with members of the Rio2016 organizing committee on all of the installations to create a "feeling of fun," for visitors coming to Rio for the first time.

"We hope that tourists will look here and see the fun and look at the colors," Villela added. "That is what Rio is about. It is a very open city, with open air, and has the feeling of being welcoming. That was the theme of most of the pieces."

As many of the decorations are outdoors, the city waited until close enough to the Games to place them outside so that they would not be damaged by the weather by the time the opening ceremony began. Still, it was important to leave enough time before the Olympics so that Rio looked the part of a host city.

In the final 22 days until the Olympics, RioTur and Rio 2016 will now put up the final signage, which will direct visitors to venues, where they will watch the Games’ sporting events.

"It took some time and was a well thought out campaign that took a lot of effort from different people," Villela said. "Now we wait for the people to enjoy it."

Written by Aaron Bauer in Rio de Janeiro

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