North Korea lashed out at the US: accused Washington of imposing baseless sanctions and insulted Biden

The Pyongyang regime published an article in the local media stating that war crimes in Ukraine are “a politically motivated plot to defame Russia”

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North Korea accused the United States of imposing “baseless” sanctions on Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine, and called US President Joe Biden “senile old man” through its state media

The Pyongyang regime, which had previously criticized Washington for allegedly provoking the war in Ukraine, noted that this conflict “has suddenly become a human rights issue,” stating that the “final loser” of the crisis will be the United States.

An opinion comment published by state agency KCNA points to the United States and other Western countries as “brains of the aggression that caused violence, war, humanitarian disaster and instability” in former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The note, signed by Kim Myong Chol — who is recognized as an unofficial spokesperson for North Korea — assures that the “war crimes” denounced by the international community in Ukraine “are the product of a politically motivated plot” to “defame Russia's foreign prestige and bring about the collapse of its regime.”

El régimen de Corea del Norte señaló que este conflicto “se ha convertido súbitamente en un asunto de derechos humanos
El régimen de Corea del Norte señaló que este conflicto “se ha convertido súbitamente en un asunto de derechos humanosvia REUTERS

He also notes that Biden's comments on the war “show the recklessness of an old, senile man” and known for his “misstatements,” and states that the future of the United States “looks bleak with such a weak man in power.”

North Korea is under extensive sanctions by the international community for its nuclear and missile programs, and in recent months it has accelerated its weapons tests, leading Washington to increase pressure on the regime led by Kim Jong-un, but without closing the door to dialogue.

Pyongyang approved in January 2021 an arms modernization plan that is behind the recent increase in projectile testing.

In late March, the regime launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) since 2017, and it is believed that it could soon detonate an atomic device again for the first time in five years.

The United States warned North Korea that its missile launch program will have “consequences.” According to Joe Biden's government, Pyongyang has carried out 13 launches so far this year, three of which were ICBMs, with a long range of more than 5,500 kilometers.

A senior administration official explained in a call with journalists that he suspects that North Korea is organizing “new provocations” for this month and stated that Washington is “preparing” for it in coordination with its partners in Seoul and Tokyo.

“All our actions are aimed at making it clear to North Korea that its escalation has consequences and that the international community will never accept its weapons development program as normal,” he said.

The same source recalled that the US Treasury Department has already imposed sanctions to prevent North Korea from accessing technology that would allow it to develop its missile program.

The official told Pyongyang that “the only viable option is dialogue”, that Washington does not have a “hostile” attitude towards North Korea and that Joe Biden's administration is willing to “listen to Pyongyang's concerns”.

(With information from EFE)