Al Hassan attends the final day of movement analysis course

Sports Affairs Executive Director at the Bahrain Olympic Committee Noaman bin Rashid Al Hassan attended the closing ceremony of the movement analysis course using computer software "Dartfish". The course was organized by the BOC’s Sports Training and Development Department during the period from October 21 to 24, with the participation of 32 sports officials.

Dartfish specialist and international instructor Mahmoud Ahmed Fakhro used the latest version of the programme, which was applied on the individual games at the four-day event. Al Hassan conveyed the greetings of BOC president Bahraini Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa and the executive directorate to the participants and the course organisers.

He noted their outstanding efforts undertaken by the Department of Sports Training and Development to upgrade national cadres in various areas of administration and training, which contributes to the development of sport in general in our dear kingdom.

Al Hassan expressed his admiration for the Dartfish programme and its success in the field of movement analysis in different sporting disciplines, thanks to the precision factor that characterizes this programme. The executive director also praised the great efforts exerted by the instructor for the deployment of this computer software among interested coaches, administrators and analysts in this field, and wished everyone progress.

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