U.S. Olympic Committee Announces Casey Wasserman as Keynote Speaker, Apolo Ohno, Host for 2017 Awards Dinner

The IPC Teams Up with BP Target Neutral to Offset Travel Emissions

BP has been supporting them to be more environmentally friendly, including offsetting all of the organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions from business travel between 2014 and 2016.

BP Sponsors U.S. Paralympics National Teams

Nation’s largest energy investor will support six teams through 2020. 

IPC Gains and Renews Partnerships -- Sponsor Spotlight

(ATR) Also: Samsung promotes Paralympic Games program; Nissan makes its presence known at Paralympics

IPC Extends Partnership with BP Until End of 2020

The International Paralympic Committee announced it is renewing its partnership with BP for another four years, running through the end of 2020.

Sponsors Challenge Asian NOCs to "Think Bigger"

(ATR) Consulting firm IEG hosted a partnership summit with the aim of educating small NOCs on landing sponsors.

Baku 2015 Games Academy announces partnerships with leading academic institutions

Sponsor Spotlight -- Bridgestone Becomes TOP Sponsor; BP, Tissot Sponsor Baku

(ATR) Bridgestone TOP Sponsorship runs through 2024, BP to fund Azeri athletes, and Tissot to handle Baku's timekeeping.

Baku Celebrates One Year to European Games

(ATR) A blast of fireworks and a new sponsor ring in the final year to the inaugural European Games in Baku.

Sponsor Spotlight -- Sochi Upgrades; Athletes Transition Program; Paralympic Partner

(ATR) Telecommunications upgrades for Sochi complete... USOC launches new pilot program to help athletes transition... BP becomes new partner of the International Paralympic Committee...

BP to become an international partner of the International Paralympic Committee

BP has taken a major step in supporting Paralympic sport throughout the world by becoming an International Partner of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) until the end of 2016. 

BP Backs British Athletes in Bid for Gold at Sochi and Rio

Sponsor Spotlight - Activist Targets Coca-Cola; Aviva Ends UK Athletics Partnership

(ATR) Consumer advocate parodies polar bear campaign in viral video ... Aviva "passes the baton" after successful London 2012 ... Olympic, Paralympic sponsors continue to see benefits from Games ... More inside ... 

Sponsor Spotlight - Visa's London VIP Lounge; Real-Time Twitter Tracker

(ATR) Visa offers Chase cardholders cuisine courtesy of "Iron Chef" ... Olympic partners refuse tax exemptions ... Research suggest sponsors aren't taking advantage of social media ... More inside this Sponsor Spotlight ...

Olympic athletes lead the way in offsetting their travel carbon footprint to the Games

Oscar Pistorius and Jonnie Peacock go head to head as season starts at BT Paralympic World Cup

Sponsor Spotlight -- Coke Unveils Olympic Ad; BP Controversy

(ATR) Coca-Cola launches advertising campaign ... IOC marketing head reacts to turnovers with Rio 2016 ... Activists criticize BP sponsorship ....

Sponsor Spotlight - Dow Undeterred; Acer Taps PR Agency; BP Stresses Olympics

(ATR) Bhopal controversy will not deter Dow Chemical from supporting London 2012, says VP of Olympic Operations ... Acer secures PR firm for London ... BP marketing plan .. Dow dividend ... Jamaican athlete support ...

Sponsor Spotlight - LOCOG Stands Behind Dow; Samsung Supports Para-Cycling

(ATR) "We are satisfied" Dow Chemical was not responsible for the Bhopal disaster, says Seb Coe ... Samsung sponsors 2012 para-cycling track world champs ... BP, Coke to bring their own security to London 2012 ... 

BP Centers 2012 Olympics Partnership Around World Record Attempt

(ATR) BP's partnership director for London 2012 tells Around the Rings "there would be nothing better" than to handover to future Games organizers a world record for most ticket holders offsetting their travel carbon to a single event.

Sponsor Spotlight - Olympics Helps Sponsors; BP Supports USOC

Olympic sponsorship makes cent$ ... Visa and USSA for seven more years ... shakeup at TOP sponsor Visa ... Commonwealth Games ... cycling sponsor ...

BP Extends Partnership with U.S. Olympic, Paralympic Teams Through 2016

Sponsor Spotlight -- GE Explains Olympic Interest; BP Supports Fair Play Award

(ATR) GE’s head of Olympic sponsorship tells Around the Rings his company's support of the Games is all about international growth ... BP, USOC team up for Jack Kelly Fair Play Award ... British company buoys London sailing events.

BP Named Presenting Partner of U.S. Olympic Committee's Jack Kelly Fair Play Award

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The U.S. Olympic Committee announced today that BP, the global energy firm, has been named the presenting partner of the Jack Kelly Fair Play Award. The award was established by the USOC in 1985 to honor the late USOC President and Olympic medalist Jack Kelly. Each year, the award is presented to an athlete, coach or official in recognition of an outstanding act of fair play and sportsmanship.

Sponsor Spotlight -- Joint Sponsorship for London 2012; P&G Launches UK Campaign

(ATR) Samsung and Visa become first sponsors to partner for London 2012 ... P & G launches its first-ever British advertising campaign ... Microsoft signs on for the 2011 Rugby World Cup

Sponsor Spotlight -- Coke and the Paras; 2012 Sponsors Happy

(ATR) Coke to sponsor 2012 Paralympics ... London 2012 sponsors welcome progress in Games preparations ... Helios and the International Softball Federation team up

London 2012 Sponsors Happy with Olympic Preparations

(ATR) Sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics including Coca Cola, adidas, Dow and GE welcome the strong progress being made in preparations for the Games.

IOC Celebrates TOP Program; London Stands behind BP

(ATR) The IOC celebrated the 25th anniversary of its TOP sponsorship program... London 2012 Chairman Sebastian Coe stands behind BP after oil spill...

London Latest -- Coe Backs BP; Downturn Not Hurting Games

(ATR) London 2012 chair Sebastian Coe says BP is "partner to stay"... Downturn not hurting Games... Work starts on final venue...

Sponsor Spotlight - BP Sponsors Team USA Reception, FIFA World Cup New Sponsor

(ATR) BP sponsors Team USA reception in Washington, D.C. ... FIFA lands its final 2010 sponsor ... TOP Sponsors' financial reports