Who are the artists who participated in the campaign against the Mayan Train

During the morning conference, AMLO called those who raised their voices as part of the movement “pseudo-environmentalists” and “fifis”




As part of World Water Day, Sélvame del Tren, a movement led by some figures from the national art industry who seek to stop the construction of Section 5 South of the Mayan Train, circulated on social networks because it would significantly affect the rich ecosystem of the place. Hours later they received a harshly response from Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Among the group of public figures who joined the movement, some who have previously spoken out in favor of other causes stand out. During his career, Rubén Albarrán, vocalist of Café Tacvba, has expressed his support for freedom of expression and also changed his perception of Ingrata, one of his themes, because part of the lyrics was branded as going against women.

Natalia Lafourcade, a renowned Mexican interpreter who began her career in her youth, has spoken out against violence against women and joined the feminist movement. His ideology has also been reflected in his songs and other projects.

(Photos: Screenshot/YouTube)
The video circulates on Twitter and YouTube (Photos: Screenshot/YouTube)

Kate del Castillo, an actress who was singled out for participating in an interview with Joaquín Guzmán Loera El Chapo, has spoken out in favor of freedom of expression. For their part, Eugenio Derbez and Aislinn Derbez also appeared in the videos that went viral under #SélvameDelTren. It should be remembered that the comedian's daughter tries to reflect her environmental ideals through her social networks.

In recent years, actor Arturo Islas has been one of the main defenders of the ecosystem and through his networks he has shared facts and figures about the damage that has been caused in different areas. Barbara Mori, Michelle Renaud, Fernando Guadarrama, Ofelia Medina, Omar Chaparro and Ana Claudia Talancón are the other artists who also launched the petition.

After the group of Mexican artists participated in the campaign to call for a halt to the construction of the Maya Train, one of the main commitments of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, during the morning conference this Wednesday, March 23, it called the involved “pseudo-environmentalists” and “fifis”, in addition to mention that they would have been hired by conservatives to criticize their project.

(Photo: Instagram/ @arturoislasallende)
(Photo: Instagram/ @arturoislasallende)

At the request, the President of the Republic began his speech: “There have always been the fifis, there have always been the elites, the oligarchy, conservative thought”.

“Now it's the Mayan Train. They convince or hire artists, pseudo-environmentalists, supposedly concerned with the defense of the environment and start a campaign against the Mayan Train,” he said.

The president mentioned that a stretch of approximately 50 kilometers is being opened, which would be equivalent to 100 hectares. For this, the trees are being removed where transport will pass, but 200 more hectares of trees are also being planted that will be added to the natural reserves that already exist in Tulum.

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Image about the construction of the Mayan Train. PHOTO: MARTIN ZETINA/CUARTOSCURO.COM

He then criticized those who raised their voices for this cause, pointing out that they had not done so years ago, when it was planned to build the new airport on Lake Texcoco located in the State of Mexico. In the same way, he commented that they did not do so either when land was distributed for mining, as well as other actions.

How many of these artists, pseudo-environmentalists, spoke out about the destruction that was going to take place on Lake Texcoco? , when?. We are talking about the lake with the most history, which is the origin of Mexico, Tenochtitlan... never, nothing. When did they say something during the neoliberal period that governments gave 60 percent of the land for mining, 120 million hectares,” he said.