Who was Hety, the singer known as the “king of creole”, killed in San Andrés

Fabian Pérez, his first name, was part of a duo with 'Zambo', recognized as ambassadors of the archipelago's raizal culture




Fabian Pérez, better known as Hety, died last Sunday, March 13 after being the victim of a firearm attack while he was at his home in San Andrés. The duo Hety and Zambo were one of the most important groups on the Dancehall scene in the country and in Latin America, they were also called the 'Kings of Creole-', a dialect of the Colombian island.

According to the information provided by the health professionals of the San Andrés departmental hospital, Hety was to be transferred to the interior of the country to be treated for vascular damage resulting from one of the bullet wounds, however, his remission was suspended due to complications in his condition clinical.

The events that occurred on March 13 are still being investigated by the authorities who seek to clarify the events in which Fabián Pérez 'Hety' lost his life. Several singers and people close to the singer ask for results in the investigations so that it can be determined what happened that day.

“FAMILY. We are devastated by the loss of our brother HETY. Rest in the glory of Almighty God. Thank you all for the love. Kings Of Creole Forever,” published the official Instagram account of Hety and Zambo.

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Hety, was one of the ambassadors of Raizal culture and the Creole dialect. Together with Zambo, they formed one of the most important groups in the Dancehall - alternative. They stood out for a powerful sound, with an afro flavor and for their contribution to the culture of the area and “making their music break all borders, reaching the hearts of their followers”, as they themselves assured.

The artists represented the San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina archipelago since their inception in 2006, when they made their debut on the music scene with a mixtape called 'Wi Rule Di Eria' and which had songs like 'Seke seke' and 'Mi bunki'. By 2008 they had a great reception among the people of the Caribbean coast, the interior of the country and the Pacific coast. A year later they released their first studio album called 'Dreams can come tru' under the independent label Audio Lírica Entertainment and with the collaboration of producer Benny Bazz.

In a second mixtape called 'Mod Up Style' they tested sounds and rhythms of reggae, soca, zouk, hip hop, dancehall and electro. For producer Benny Bazz, they were “more than a sound or a style, they are the representation of their people, they are the voice of a small island called San Andrés, with mixed roots and African heritage”.

Hety and Zambo opened for renowned singers and musical groups from Puerto Rico, Panama, Jamaica, Europe and America, such as Tego Calderón, Anthony B, Calle 13, Buraka Som Sistema, Magic Juan, Ministry of Sound, Silvestre Dangond, among others.

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Several artists and colleagues mourned his death, so they dedicated a few words to him accompanied by photographs or videos, such as the Dancehall singer Jiggy Drama, who knew him since school and posted a video with several photos sharing with him on stage, airport and even at graduation. “Rest in Power King”.

Farina was another artist who regretted what happened and in one publication she said, “I had planned to return to the island soon and see you. I'll take your smile and all the unforgettable moments King of Creole. Thank you because you always believed, for being part of my process, for inspiring me and teaching me to BELIEVE that "Wi Rule Di Eria” Fly very high...”.

Juancho Style, remembered for the songs 'Me falla' and 'Te vas', wrote the following on his social networks: “You don't know what to say right now, only words of anger and hate come to mind because once again violence robs us of a great human being, “a pelao” with a lot of talent and desire to get ahead for his children, his friends and for his land that he loved so much... the truth is that it is hard to see the good ones leave, those who do something for this island and for their loved ones. Rest in Peace @hety15, I still can't really believe it, God has you in a very special place in heaven where you make everyone dance like you always did. My respects and admiration forever Fabian”.