Korean football leaders praise AFC Presidential Candidate's Manifesto for Football Reform as Al Romaithi Make Football Fair campaign builds momentum

FIFA Lifts Kuwait Suspension

(ATR) A new sports law in the country opens the door for Kuwaiti footballers to compete internationally.

Kuwait Lobbies to Lift IOC, FIFA Suspensions

(ATR) Kuwaiti government officials hope to reform sports laws that will comply to Olympic charter within two months.

Autonomy Issues Remain in Kuwait and Kenya

(ATR) AFC refuses to recognize interim Kuwait football Association; Kenyan Olympic Committee officials released on bail.

IOC Won't Recognize Kuwait's Interim NOC

(ATR) IOC says the dissolution of Kuwait's Olympic Committee is a "blatant violation of the Olympic Charter".

Kuwait Emir Exerts Force Over Sports Organizations

(ATR) The leader of Kuwait encourages promotion of youth sports while seizing control of NOC and Football Association.

Confusion in Kuwait

(ATR) A new twist in the dispute between Kuwait sports ministry and the Kuwait Olympic Committee.

FIFA, Korea Football Association & Kang Soo II

CAS Alternative Hearing Centre in Shanghai to host hearing between FIFA, Korea Football Association, Kang Soo II.

UIPM Celebrates Centenary; 2016, 2018 FINA Bidders; Squash Day Stretches 'A' to 'Z'

(ATR) President Klaus Schormann to stand unopposed at UIPM Congress ... FINA announces short-course candidates ... FIFA investigates Korean's controversial post-match celebration ... 72 countries sign up for World Squash Day ... More inside this Federations Roundup ...