Olympic Boxing Qualifier canceled

FIs esperan garantias en Preolimpicos

(ATR) Thomas Bach agradece a las FIs retomar el calendario con todas las medidas de control contra la pandemia


"Task Force" del COI escucha al Boxeo de America en Lima

(ATR) Federativos sugieren a Morinari Watanabe mover el Preolimpico de Buenos Aires "por lejanía"

ASOIF General Assembly, Final Summary

The Council of the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation Meets for the First Time

Morinari Watanabe to be Appointed Executive Board Member of Tokyo 2020

Ethics Foundation launch project takes major step forward / Le projet de lancement d'une Fondation d'thique franchit une tape importante

IOC Class of 2018: Youth, Diversity

(ATR) Afghan woman, Bhutan prince, Paralympics president to join IOC …

IOC Executive Board to Propose Nine New Members for Election by IOC Session in Buenos Aires

Abuse Scandal Brings Changes to Gymnastics Federation

(ATR) The International Gymnastics Federation is developing safe-sport measures for its athletes.

FIG President: 'Time to Stand As United Family' to Prevent Sex Abuse

(ATR) Morinari Watanabe says hearing gymnasts' statements at Nassar sentencing "left my heart broken". 

Communique of the Olympic Summit

Fractured Parkour Community Struggles to Unite

(ATR) As two startup federations seek to grow parkour, an established International Federation could monopolize the discipline.

Update on the Development of Parkour as New FIG Discipline

The development process of Parkour as new FIG discipline successfully passed two key stages with the organization of a first FIG Obstacle Course Cup in Montpellier.

The FIG Commits to Developing a Duty of Care Code

As a clear sign of its strong commitment to the protection of gymnasts, the FIG will develop a "Duty of Care Code".

Gymnastics Embraces New Leadership

(ATR) A decisive victory for Morinari Watanabe, new president-elect of the International Gymnastics Federation.

On the Record -- International Gymnastics Federation President Bruno Grandi

(ATR) Grandi shares his thoughts with Around the Rings on his 20 year reign and what the future holds for his sport.

Two Candidates Seek Gymnastics' Top Job

(ATR) The International Gymnastics Federation will have a new president for the first time in 20 years this October.

Two Candidates Stand For FIG Presidency