Lillehammer: Olympic Style Without Equal

(ATR) Touch of nostalgia ... Around the Rings Editor Ed Hula reflects on his first Winter Olympics.

The Hula Report: Shaking Hands With North Korea

(ATR) North Korea heads to its first Winter Paralympics. Donald Trump takes credit for Olympic peace moves. ATR Editor Ed Hula has more.

PyeongChang 2003: When Dreams Began

(ATR) This week marks the fifteenth anniversary of the IOC’s first look at a future Olympic city.

The Hula Report: Improbable PyeongChang

(ATR) The 2018 Winter Games seemed an improbable dream the first time ATR editor Ed Hula visited in 2003. Exclusively for subscribers! 

Election Day Exclusive: Experts Tip Hillary Clinton for LA 2024

(ATR) Olympic watchers say Hillary Clinton will be better than Donald Trump for the U.S. Olympic bid. ATR Ed Hula reports.

Golden 25 -- Marketing Chair for IOC #19 Gerhard Heiberg

Oslo 2022 Decision Signals Need for Change -- Media Watch

(ATR) Media say Oslo`s withdrawal from the bid race for the 2022 Olympics should prompt reform within the IOC.

D-Day for Oslo 2022 Olympic Bid

(ATR) Norway's prime minister and her Conservative Party could determine fate of Oslo bid on Wednesday. Mark Bisson reports.

Beijing Offers Low Key Olympics Anniversary

(ATR) There won’t be fireworks on this first anniversary of the Beijing Olympics, but the Bird’s Nest Stadium will be filled tonight with cheering sports fans for the first time since 2008. ATR’s Ed Hula reports from Beijing.

Economic Slump Hits IOC Negotiations for TOP Sponsors

(ATR) The global economic crisis is stalling the IOC's plans to secure new TOP sponsors, marketing commission chair Gerhard Heiberg tells Around the Rings.

Fight Against Doping – WADA Exec Committee Meets, Fahey Praises Pre-Olympic Testing, New Beijing Drug Results

(ATR) WADA approves the 2009 Prohibited Substances List and a new privacy standard… WADA chief John Fahey says pre-Olympic testing works…and the IOC announces three new drug cases from the Beijing Games. More in the Fight Against Doping...