Rio de Janeiro comienza a exigir pase sanitario para puntos turísticos

Familiar Face Leads Rio Governor Race

(ATR) The city's former mayor Eduardo Paes, leads the polls ahead of the October Rio Governor election.

Rio de Janeiro and IOC Still Navigating Beyond 2016 Olympic Legacy

(ATR) A look at the many viewpoints on the Rio Olympic legacy, and how that's driving the IOC to manage risk.

UPDATED: Documents Detail Rio 2016 African Strategy

(ATR) Rio 2016 aggressively courted African leaders ahead of 2009 IOC vote, documents show.

ATR First: Deodoro Still Months From Reopening

(ATR) Rio City Hall is aiming to open Deodoro Park to public in September, and Future Arena legacy is in doubt.

ATR First: Sports Ministry Must Find Olympic Park Operator By 2019

(ATR) Minister Picciani says Brazil Social Development Bank will help solicit private operator before funding lapses.

Lagardere Silent on Rio Olympic Park Administration

(ATR) The French company refused to comment on reports linking it to administering the Barra Olympic Park.

Rio City Government Confirm Discussions With Rio 2016

(ATR) Rio municipal authorities tell ATR they are reviewing debts left by Eduardo Paes pledged to Rio 2016. 

Legacy of Rio's Olympic Port Project Questioned

(ATR) Rio Mayor Marcelo Crivella is continuing to develop the area amid concerns about the end result.

Paes Named in Growing Corruption Scandal

(ATR) Former Rio mayor is one of many high profile politicians Odebrecht executives claim received money.

Rio Olympic Legacy As Complicated As City Itself

(ATR) Attempting to untangle the truths of Rio 2016's legacy highlights the challenges of understanding the city itself.

Rio 2016 Backer Arrested on Corruption Charges

(ATR) Brazilian billionaire and Rio 2016 donor Eike Batista is in Bangu prison on corruption charges.

Rio Olympic Venues Struggle for Post-Games Use

(ATR) The Barra and Deodoro parks are not living up to legacy expectations, and the Maracana is in disrepair.

New Rio Mayor Warns of Coming Austerity Measures

(ATR) Incoming mayor Marcelo Crivella says Rio must tighten its belt to weather an ongoing financial crisis.

Rio Says Municipality Remains Economically Afloat

(ATR) A report commissioned by the municipality says Rio avoided financial ruin, though an economist credits luck.

The Golden 25 for 2017 Countdown Begins Dec. 20

(ATR) Will scandal in world sport affect rankings?

Paes Changes Post-Olympics Plans

(ATR) A detour from politics, teaching at Columbia, is no longer in the cards for Eduardo Paes.

Rio Mayor Named in Connection to Ongoing Corruption Case

(ATR) New allegations say Eduardo Paes received more than $8 million in undeclared campaign contributions.

Olympics Mayor Details Next Political Step

(ATR) Eduardo Paes says he will take a year off away from politics, before making his next move in 2018.

Olympics in Rearview Mirror for New Rio Mayor

(ATR) Cariocas have rejected the administration of the past eight years, and elected evangelical Marcelo Crivella.

The Olympics Are Gone, So Now What?

(ATR) ATR spoke to researchers to see what may happen to Rio de Janeiro now that the Olympics have finished. 

Rio Mayor Hits Back at Games Critics

(ATR) Eduardo Paes says the pre-Games criticisms against Brazil were unwarranted and proven false.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games Have Capitalized Brazil

Presidential Chief of Staff Eliseu Padilha said that the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have capitalized Brazil.

Paes: Rio Delivered More Than Promised for Olympics

(ATR) City Hall says Rio 2016 surpassed expectations and the culture created from the Games will continue.

Tokyo Bids Farewell to the Rio Olympic Games

Tokyo 2020 provides a spectacular glimpse of the next Summer Olympics as the world bids farewell to Rio 2016. 

Paralympics Navigating Precarious Budget Situation

(ATR) Paralympic leaders say a major budget shortfall will reduce the scope of the 2016 Paralympic Games.

Rio, Tokyo Leadership Pledge Increased Collaboration

(ATR) The newly-elected Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike is in Rio ready to receive the Olympic flag, and the world's attention.

Rio 2016 Silent on Paralympics Budget

(ATR) Also: No IOC commemoration of Joao Havelange planned; nearly 4000 doping tests taken at Rio 2016.

Rio Delivers Subway Line In Nick of Time

(ATR) The state government delivered a metro expansion ahead of Rio 2016, even as delays continued to jeopardize the metro project.

Ministry of Sports and City of Rio inaugurate Rio Media Center

Brazilian Minister of Sport Leonardo Picciani and Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes welcomed members of the national and foreign press to the opening ceremony of the Rio Media Center (RMC) on Wednesday (27 July).