Kazakhstan Mourns the Loss of Denis Ten

(ATR) From Korea to Almaty, a country remembers a man who was so much more than an athlete.

Denis Ten, Olympic Figure Skating Medalist, 25

(ATR) Kazakh figure skater and "superstar" of Almaty Olympic bid dies after being stabbed on the city's streets.

Almaty 2022 on the Attack in Persuasive Olympic Pitch to IOC

Kazakh bid delivers impressive presentation underlining fit with Agenda 2020 and taking digs at Beijing 2022. Mark Bisson reports.

Mayor of Almaty: City's bid for 2022 Olympic Winter Games is a great promotion for Almaty and Kazakhstan

The Mayor of the city of Almaty Mr Akhmetzhan Yessimov pledged full government support for Almaty’s bid for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games today at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Beijing 2022 stresses the city is the right first partner for the IOC under the Olympic Agenda 2020

On the eve of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) electing the Host City for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the Beijing 2022 Bid has expressed its excitement about the opportunity to present is vision for the Games with IOC members.

Almaty Mayor: Bid Aligns With Olympic Agenda 2020

(ATR) In Kuala Lumpur, mayor of Almaty emphasizes Agenda 2020 mantle ahead of IOC vote, while bid leaders promise sustainability legacy if awarded 2022 Games. 

Kazakh athletes vow the best athlete's experience in Almaty in 2022

At a press conference today Kazakhstan’s premier winter sports athletes reaffirmed Almaty 2022’s commitment to provide the best athlete’s experience for both the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Senior Almaty 2022 bid delegation arrive in Kuala Lumpur for the 128th IOC Session

The official delegation of the Almaty 2022 bid committee arrived today in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur for the 128th session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Almaty 2022 - The Power of Olympic Legacy

Almaty 2022 Promises the most Responsible, Convenient and Sustainable Winter Games Concept in over Thirty Years

Almaty 2022 wants to change the way Olympic Winter Games are planned for and hosted by ensuring a true and lasting Olympic Legacy for the city and region, and that inspires more cities to bid for the Games in the future. 

Almaty Delegation Confident Headed Into Kuala Lumpur

(ATR) As the bid delegation departs, Almaty 2022 tells ATR the "team is ready" for the IOC Session in Malaysia.

Almaty 2022 Accommodation Plan A Key Asset

After a nearly two year bidding race, Almaty 2022 is ready and excited to welcome the international community to its beautiful city. Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city has seen a rapid rise in its tourism sector. With annual growth rates of almost 11% in hotel rooms, Almaty is one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in all of Central Asia.

IOC, Beijing 2022 Mark Olympic Day

(ATR) More than 100 countries are celebrating the birth of the Olympics today with Olympic Day runs and activities.

Tibetan Protesters: "Stop Beijing 2022" -- ATR TV

(ATR) In Lausanne, Around the Rings captured video of Tibetan protesters chanting and scuffling with security.

IOC Exec Board Meeting & 2022 Candidate City Briefing -- Photodesk

(ATR) A look at our on-the-scene coverage of the IOC Exec Board Meeting & 2022 Candidate City Briefing. 

Almaty 2022 Confronts Risks as PM Takes Stage -- On the Scene

(ATR) Kazakh Olympic bid attempts to dispel financial challenges in pitch to IOC. Reaction inside from IOC members and Almaty 2022

IOC Cites Finances, Accommodations as Risks for Almaty Olympic Bid

(ATR) The IOC also raises concerns about the budget of the organizing committee.

Almaty 2022 optimal athlete experience and deep natural snow confirmed by IOC Evaluation Report

The IOC 2022 Evaluation Commission, led by IOC member Alexander Zhukov and the IOC´s Olympic Games Executive Director Christophe Dubi, released its report on the Almaty 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid today. 

Almaty, Beijing Amp Up Efforts in Race for 2022 Olympics

(ATR) The IOC is two months away from a vote on a host city for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Kazakhstan President Speaks on Almaty 2022

(ATR) The president of Kazakhstan publicly spoke about the bid for the first time earlier this week. 

2022 Olympic Bid Power Index -- Flawed 2022 Winter Olympic Bids Ranked

(ATR) Almaty edges Beijing in the Around the Rings Olympic Bid Power Index for the 2022 Winter Games...

Almaty 2022 Bid Ambassador Denis Ten Wins Bronze at World Championships

Almaty Sends Revised Winter Olympic Plan to IOC

Almaty 2022 tells ATR it's made eight changes to Games concept scrutinised by IOC inspectors to be "more efficient and affordable".

Almaty Olympic Bid Chief Keen on IOC Member Visits

(ATR) Andrey Kryukov tells ATR bid city visits for IOC members would "change their picture" of Almaty.

IOC 2022 Evaluation Commission Visits Almaty -- Photodesk

(ATR) Around the Rings was on the scene in Almaty, Kazakhstan for the IOC 2022 Evaluation Commission visit.

IOC Praises Almaty for Adoption of Agenda 2020 Reforms -- On the Scene

(ATR) The reforms are slashing costs by at least $100 million. Mark Bisson reports from Almaty.

Kazakhstan Prime Minister a No-Show for IOC Visit -- On the Scene

(ATR) Almaty 2022 bid chairman will not present government guarantees in person to IOC Evaluation Commission.

Almaty Olympic Bid Leans on IOC Reforms -- On the Scene

(ATR) Almaty 2022 officials say the Olympics can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of Sochi 2014.

IOC Almaty Inspection Chief Impressed; Media Questions Ban - On the Scene

(ATR) Alexander Zhukov tells ATR he's impressed with Almaty bid... Officials restrict media access to IOC. Mark Bisson reports.

Almaty 2022 Chief Denies Human Rights Issues Problematic - On the Scene

(ATR) Andrey Kryukov insists Kazakhstan’s human rights problems and doping cheat Alexander Vinokourov will not hurt bid campaign.