WFDF strengthens development efforts in Africa with Cape Verde as a role model for Portuguese-speaking countries

WFDF approves of Haiti, Mali and Peru as WFDF national members

WFDF presents new e-book "Ultimate at Schools Programme Teacher's File"

WFDF approves Cayman Islands and Malawi as national members - Brings membership to 87 Countries

WFDF PRESS RELEASE: WFDF releases updated Disc Golf World Rankings

WFDF PRESS RELEASE: Team USA sweeps WFDF 2019 World Under-24 Ultimate Championships, taking home three gold medals in Heidelberg, Germany

WFDF announces live coverage plan for World Under 24 Championships

WFDF Press Release: WFDF President Rauch statement on the additional sports selected by Paris 2024 for the Olympic Games sports programme

WFDF Approves the Flying Disc Associations of Kazakhstan, Malta, Sri Lanka, and US Virgin Islands as Members


WFDF approves the Flying Disc Association of the Islamic Republic of Iran as 77th national member association

WFDF: United States, New Zealand win big at the WFDF World Under-24 Ultimate Championships in Perth

WFDF 2017 Elections Results Announced

WFDF announces new Chair and membership of its Women in Sport Commission

IPC to decide Paris 2024 sport programme

WFDF Releases Team Rosters for The World Games

The WFDF has released the team rosters of athletes who will represent their countries in the Flying Disc competition during The World Games in Wroclaw, Poland.

Olympic Channel to Broadcast Flying Disc at the World Games

The WFDF is excited to announce that Flying Disc will be featured on the global Olympic Channel during The World Games in Wroclaw, Poland.

WFDF announces livestreaming plans for the 2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate from 18-24 June in France

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) is excited to announce livestreaming plans for the WFDF 2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate (WCBU), in association with BULA, from 18-24 June in Royan, France.

WFDF Releases the 2016 Spirit of the Game Scores by Country

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) released its updated list for 2016 of average Spirit of the Game scores by country.

WFDF Announces Cooperation Agreement with Olympic Channel

The WFDF announced that it has reached a cooperation Agreement with the Olympic Channel to collaborate on content. 

Air Sports, Bowling and Flying Disc Join Olympic Channel

The Olympic Channel announced that it has reached cooperation agreements with three Recognized International Sports Federations. 

WFDF Announces VC Ultimate as Sponsor and Official Apparel / Merchandise Supplier

VC Ultimate will have exclusive rights to develop and sell any and all official event merchandise and apparel for the WFDF. 

WFDF approves Bolivia, Cambodia, Rwanda and Uruguay as New Member Associations

With the acceptance of these four new national member associations, WFDF now has 71 member associations in 69 countries.

WFDF Approves Transgender Athlete Policy

The WFDF is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors, has approved a WFDF transgender athlete policy.

WFDF Announces Host of the WFDF 2017 Pan American Ultimate Club Championships To Be Held in Buenos Aires

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) is pleased to announce that the WFDF 2017 Pan American Ultimate Club Championships (PAUCC 2017) will be staged in Cañuelas City, 40 kms outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

WFDF introduces "Real Winner" online educational tool, will require participation of a limited number of competitors in 2014 WJUC and WUCC