Rápido calentamiento del Ártico causa fríos extremos en EEUU y Asia, según estudio

Olympics Spending Delayed Recession in Rio

(ATR) A new study shows increased public spending for Rio 2016 staved off the effects of a recession.

Rio 2016 Illness Rates Lower Than Previous Games -- Top Story Replay

(ATR) A study of illnesses and injuries from the Rio 2016  shows athletes stayed healthier than the previous Games.

IOC Says Rio Study Part of Larger Trend

(ATR) An IOC commissioned study showing illnesses and injuries at the Rio Olympics is part of a larger longitudinal one.

Rio 2016 Illness Rates Lower Than Previous Games

(ATR) A study shows the rate of illnesses and injuries at Rio 2016 was less than London 2012 or Beijing 2008.

Feasibility Study Could Change Olympic Tune in India

(ATR) India's sports ministry is moving forward with a feasibility study for the 2032 Summer Olympics.

Austrian Officials Cautious Before Launching 2026 Bid

(ATR) Peter Mennel says officials are being diligent by conducting a feasibility study on the Innsbruck 2026 Olympic bid.

AIBA Avoids Blows from Critic, Stands United

(ATR) National Boxing Federations reiterate support for AIBA chief CK Wu and ratify changes to judging.

Innsbruck Weighing Potential of 2026 Olympic Bid

(ATR) The Austrian city is moving forward with a feasibility study to bring the Winter Games back for a third time.

Austria Considers 2026 Olympic Bid

(ATR) Innsbruck and the Austrian Olympic Committee are teaming up to study the potential for a Winter Games bid.

World Olympians Association confirms commitment to athlete welfare with announcement of new study

WOA Executive Committee approves core projects and outlines priority activities.

Swiss National Olympic Committee to announce in March 2016 results of on-going consultation about a potential Swiss bid for the 2026 Winter Games

Swiss Olympic, the National Olympic Committee of Switzerland has announced that it will continue to study the opportunity for Switzerland to submit a bid for the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Young People Forecast Future of Major Events Ahead of Host Cities Summit

Young people around the world have revealed what they want for, and from, the future of major events in a study launched today ahead of the Host Cities 2015 summit in Dubai, to ignite and inform discussion and debate throughout the event.

Sion Contemplates Fourth Winter Olympic Bid

(ATR) Also: Paris 2024 bid receives financial support from government

500 million lost every year throughout the EU due to fake sports equipment

A new study from the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), the EU’s largest intellectual property agency, shows that the sales lost due to counterfeiting of sports equipment – not including sportswear – correspond to 6.5% of all sales in this sector across the EU-28.

RIOU announces diverse and talented scholarship intake for third MSA

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation and the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU) have today announced the 20 students awarded grants to study on RIOU’s flagship Master of Sport Administration (MSA) programme for the academic year 2015/2016.

Bach Looks to Future at IOC Centenary Celebrations

(ATR) The IOC chief paid tribute to the founder of the Olympics and predicts a bright future for the IOC in Lausanne.

TSE Consulting unveils new study about the commercial opportunities related to event hosting

TSE Consulting, the international consulting firm, has published a new independent study called ‘Sports events: are host cities maximising the commercial opportunities?’ The new study explores the hypothesis that cities are not making the most of the commercial opportunities presented to them through the hosting of sports events.

Paris Mayor Cautious Despite Public Support for Olympic Bid

(ATR) A Paris Olympic bid inched closer following a poll showing the majority of French people support the Games.

Gender Equity Coming to IOC, Says Athletes Commission Chair -- Top Story Replay

(ATR) Claudia Bokel says IOC is "on track" to implement Olympic Agenda 2020 reforms.

Gender Equity Coming to IOC, Says Athletes Commission Chair

(ATR) Claudia Bokel says IOC is "on track" to implement Olympic Agenda 2020 reforms.

Asser Institute Serves Up Clarity On Match-fixing Myths

At today’s Match-fixing Seminar, hosted by the European Association for the Study of Gambling, Professor Dr Ben Van Rompuy presented the key findings from his report entitled “The Odds of Match Fixing – Facts & figures on the integrity risks of certain sports bets”.

Study: Gender Equality Leads to Higher Olympic Medal Count

(ATR) A University of British Columbia professor says, "Gender equality lifts everyone up within a country."

Gender equality leads to more Olympic medals for men and women

Gender equality boosts a country’s Olympic medal count for both women and men, shows a new study from the Sauder School of Business.

Deadlines a Challenge for Rio; Toronto Bid Study

(ATR) The head of Rio 2016 says Olympic deadlines are "very short" ... Toronto weighs a 2024 bid.

Vancouver, Whistler Benefit from 2010 Olympics; Little Impact Nationwide

(ATR) Vancouver and Whistler saw the most benefit from hosting the 2010 Olympics, while the rest of Canada has felt little more than a “red mitten effect."

Injuries and Illness Surveillance Study Moscow 2013