Rome 2020 Debts Signal Trouble Ahead for Olympic Ambitions

(ATR) A year after the demise of Rome 2020, Around the Rings has learned the Olympic bid is close to bankruptcy, ex-bid officials have launched lawsuits and consultants have not been paid. ATR senior editor Mark Bisson reports ...

Joy, Disappointment for 2020 Olympic Bids

(ATR) Tokyo, Istanbul and Madrid head to the next stage of the race for 2020, Doha and Baku are out. The Around the Rings team in Quebec reports ...

UPDATED On the Scene - Rogge's Message to LOCOG; Five IOC Nominees

(ATR) With just 135 days to the Olympic Games, IOC president Jacques Rogge tells London 2012 Organizers to "keep focused" on the job ahead... He also announced the names of five nominees to the IOC... More inside... 

Rome's Dropout "Good News" for Madrid; 1972 Terror Survivors Return to Munich

(ATR) Spanish IOC member says Rome 2020 would have been "a very dangerous rival" ... Row continues between IOC, Indian NOC ... Munich 1972 survivors express goodwill about Games ... Sustainability commission critiques LOCOG ...

Rogge Bound for Zambia; Baku Downplays Ethnic Tensions; Rome 2020 Logo

(ATR) IOC president to visit Olympic Youth Development Center with UN delegation ... Azeri NOC vice president says ongoing ethnic tensions will not impact bid ... Around the Rings unveils logo, slogan for failed Rome bid.

Mario Pescante Resigns as IOC Vice President

(ATR) Mario Pescante tells Around the Rings he has resigned as IOC vice president, admitting he was embarrassed at Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti's decision to pull the plug on the Rome 2020 bid at the last minute.

1st Shakeup for 2020 Olympic Race; YOG 2018

(ATR) As Madrid and Baku deliver their files to the IOC, Rome cancels its plans to travel to Lausanne, the Italian bid for 2020 derailed by the government ... 2018 YOG bid developments ...

Italian Premier Rejects Rome 2020 Olympic Bid

(ATR) Around the Rings is told that Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has refused to support a bid from Rome for the 2020 Olympics. Official confirmation came later Tuesday.

Bidding for 2020 - Rome Appeal; IOC Handovers; Baku Ambassadors

(ATR) Leaders of Rome 2020 seek prime minister's last-minute approval ... Doha, Tokyo deliver applicant files to IOC headquarters ... Baku unveils eight bid ambassadors ...

Politicians Urge Monti to Back Rome 2020; Doha Logo Launch; Economic Boost for Istanbul

(ATR) Leaders of Italy's three main political parties call for prime minister to sign government guarantees ... Doha logo, slogan, website unveiling ahead ... Turkish government set to release strong economic data ... Madrid promotions ...

Italian PM Decision on 2020 Looming

(ATR) Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti is not expected to make a decision on a Rome bid for the 2020 Olympics before this weekend, Around the Rings has learned. 

Bidding for the Games - Rome Faces Do or Die Decision

(ATR) The future of the bid from Rome for the 2020 Olympics depends on a decision from the Prime Minister this week ... plus updates from other cities in the race for the Games ...

Rome 2020 Decision Ahead; Illegal Gambling Meeting; Swedish YOG Bid Update

(ATR) Rome mayor expects PM endorsement for bid this "coming week" ... IOC meeting on illegal gambling ... No word on Sweden YOG bid ... More inside ... 

Bidding for the Games - British YOG Bid; Doha Additions; Rome Support; Baku Handover

(ATR) Glasgow expresses interest in bidding for 2018 Youth Olympic Games ... Doha welcomes new faces to team ... Olympic champion gymnast says Rome 2020 should push forward ... Baku schedules handover of applicant file.

Rome 2020 Decision; Romney Returns to Salt Lake City

(ATR) Italian government to decide on bid by mid-February ... Presidential hopeful to visit for 10th anniversary of 2002 Winter Games ... Bishops tour London Olympic Park ...  Rio 2016 briefs ...

Bidding for the Games - Rome 2020 Seeks Government Support

(ATR) After doubts about Rome 2020 are raised by the new government of Italy, top sport officials and politicians urge Prime Minister Mario Monti to give the go-ahead to the Olympic bid.

On the Scene - Rome 2020 Bid Gains Momentum with Key Announcements

(ATR) Rome 2020 president Mario Pescante tells Around the Rings the bid achieved "three fantastic results" Thursday following productive meetings with the Prime Minister and parliamentary leaders, the publication of positive opinion polls and an economists' report.

Race for 2020 - Tokyo Appointments; Rome Boost; Doha Raises Profile; Madrid Bid Structure

(ATR) Tokyo bid strengthens its team with appointment of three members of the Japanese Olympic Committee... Sports minister promotes Rome 2020... Two events in Doha aid Olympics effort... Madrid prepares to unveil bid structure.

Monday Memo - London 2012 Marks 200 Days to Go; Innsbruck 2012 Opens

(ATR) Olympic organizers celebrate major milestone ... First-ever Winter Youth Olympic Games opens ... Gymnastics stages 2012 test event, final qualifier ... 2017 World Games up for grabs ... Big week for Rome 2020.

Big Week Ahead for Rome 2020; Madrid Olympic Bid Readies Logo

(ATR) Rome 2020 set to make several key announcements next week... Madrid prepares for launch of logo and website... Baku leader heads to Innsbruck YOG... Conservation groups question Denver 2022 bid plans.

Golden 25 - Bid Consultants #18

(ATR) The field of major Olympic bid consultants holds the 18th spot in the Around the Rings Golden 25, the list of the most influential people and factors for the Olympics in 2012.

Bidding for the Games - Rome 2020 Update; Munich 2018 Postmortem; British YOG?

(ATR) Lower house of Italy's Parliament approves economic measures for Olympic bid ... Munich 2018 consultant mulls bid's failure ... British Olympic Association will listen to interested cities.

Pescante e Chechi Thrill 300 Students at First Olympic Lecture Sponsored by The Rome 2020 Committee

On Monday, December 5th, 2011, at the Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale “G. Galilei” (Via Conte Verde, Rome), the association “GiovaniRoma 2020” (YouthRome 2020, YR2020), backed by the Provincial Authority of Rome, sponsored by the Rome 2020 Committee, started off with its mission: to spread the Olympic values among those who will be the protagonists of the future in the city of Rome and in Italy as a whole.

Bidding for 2020 - Rome Briefs PM; Legislative Love for Tokyo; Doha on Display

(ATR) Rome 2020 prepares report for new Italian prime minister ... Lower house of Japan’s bicameral legislature backs Tokyo bid ... Arab Games open Friday in Doha.

Bidding for the Games - 2020 Updates from Madrid, Baku, Rome; Reno/Tahoe 2022

(ATR) Madrid 2020 CEO tells ATR bid budget "is not an obstacle" ... Baku 2020 welcomes consultants ... Rome 2020 taps new comms director ... Reno, Lake Tahoe secure MOU from Nevada, California.

Bidding for 2020 - Madrid Slashes Budget; Tokyo Unveils Logo; Rome Engages Youth

(ATR) Madrid 2020 to spend millions less than failed 2016 bid ... Cherry blossom arrangement chosen for Tokyo 2020 ... Rome 2020 launches youth initiative ... 2019 Pan Am bids from Puerto Rico, Argentina?

Government Crash Won't Deter Rome Olympic Bid

(ATR) Rome 2020 says Silvio Berlusconi's resignation will not affect the bid

IOC Firm on Promotional Rules for 2020 Bids; Anti-Doping Blow for Madrid

(ATR) The IOC will not back down on the severe restrictions on promotion imposed on 2020 bidders, Olympic Games executive director Gilbert Felli tells Around the Rings. More inside this edition of Bidding for the Games.

Olympics Occupy Wall Street; IOC Doping Recommendation; 2020 Bid Problems?

(ATR) Two figures in Olympic Movement at Occupy Wall Street ... IOC Athletes' Forum releases recommendations for Executive Board approval ... Richard Pound sees economic problems for Madrid, Rome bids ... More inside.

Rome 2020 Advances Sustainability Vision with Appointment of Coni Servizi and Multi-Tiered Technical Team