Documenting the Rise and Fall of Oscar Pistorius

(ATR) Director Daniel Gordon returns to ESPN for a closer look at the life of the Paralympian and Olympian.

Oscar Pistorius Released From Prison

(ATR) The South African sprinter will now serve the remainder of his five-year sentence under house arrest.

South African Government Releasing Pistorius From Prison Next Week

(ATR) Pistorius will leave prison on Oct. 20 after serving 10 months of his five-year sentence for culpable homicide.

Pistorius Staying in Prison

(ATR) Olympian Oscar Pistorius will not serve the remainder of his 5-year prison sentence under house arrest.

Decision on Pistorius Release Coming Next Month

(ATR) South Africa's parole review board will meet on Sept. 18 to decide on an early prison release for the Olympian.

Oscar Pistorius Will Leave Prison Next Week

(ATR) Pistorius could return to prison as prosecutors prep to argue that his conviction be upgraded to murder in Nov.

Oscar Pistorius Could Leave Prison by August

(ATR) Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius could be released from a South African prison in August.

Hearing Set for Oscar Pistorius Appeal

(ATR) Prosecutors say their application to appeal against Pistorius' verdict, sentence will be heard in court on Dec. 9.

Journalist Examines Pistorius Trial, Predicts Road Ahead -- ATR Podcast

(ATR) AFP correspondent Johannes Myburgh says the athlete's sport career will never be the same.

South Africa Journalist on Pistorius Sentence -- ATR Podcast

(ATR) Gushwell Brooks says South Africa would not want to be associated with Pistorius in a future Olympics.

Scathing Reactions to Pistorius Sentence -- Media Watch

(ATR) South Africa`s president, legal experts, and media scrutinize the sentence in the Pistorius murder trial.

Tensions Between Two Koreas Loom Over Asian Games -- Media Watch

(ATR) Media discuss tensions, fears of empty stadiums and high debt for years to come looming over the 17th Asiad.

Mixed Responses to Verdict in Pistorius Trial -- Media Watch

(ATR) Media weigh in on the verdict delivered in the murder trial of Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius.

Paralympic Chief Denies Damage from Pistorius Verdict

(ATR) Also: Pistorius could compete again on the international stage, SASCOC chief executive says.

The Fall of Oscar Pistorius -- Photodesk

(ATR) A look at the sporting career and murder trial of Olympian and Paralympian Oscar Pistorius.

Oscar Pistorius Found Guilty of Culpable Homicide

(ATR) Pistorius will return to court on October 13 for sentencing.

Update -- Judge Begins Delivering Verdict In Pistorius Trial

(ATR) Olympian Oscar Pistorius has at least one more day in court; acquitted of premeditated murder.

Reminiscing About the 84 L.A. Olympics -- Media Watch

(ATR) Memories of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics--the Olympic future for L.A... Reflections on 2010 and 2004 Games. 

Pistorius Relied on "Primal Instincts," Defense Says

(ATR) Defense attorney Barry Roux says Pistorius used his "primal instincts" the night he shot his girlfriend.

Pistorius an "Appalling Witness," Prosecutor Says

(ATR) Prosecutor Gerrie Nel discredited the defense for Oscar Pistorius during his closing argument on Thursday.

Pistorius Defense Submits Legal Summary

(ATR) The defense for Oscar Pistorius submitted its legal summary today as both sides prep for closing arguments.

Two Years to Rio 2016 -- Monday Memo

(ATR) Also: Closing arguments in the murder trial for Olympian Oscar Pistorius begin Thursday.

IOC Executive Board Meets; FIFA World Cup Final -- Monday Memo

(ATR) Also: This Thursday marks one year to the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto.

Agent: Pistorius Loved, Cared for Steenkamp

(ATR) The agent for Pistorius testifies that the Olympian was in a "loving and caring relationship" with Reeva Steenkamp.

Report: Pistorius Mentally Fit to Stand Trial

(ATR) A psychiatric assessment of Pistorius has found the Olympian was mentally fit when he fatally shot his girlfriend.

Pistorius Trial Delayed Until June 30

(ATR) Psychiatric evaluations will push the trial for Olympian Oscar Pistorius back until June 30.

Judge to Rule Wednesday on Evaluation for Pistorius

(ATR) Judge Thokozile Masipa will rule Wednesday on whether Oscar Pistorius will be placed under psychiatric observation. 

Pistorius Suffers From Anxiety Disorder, Psychiatrist Says

(ATR) A psychiatrist testifies that Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius suffers from a generalized anxiety disorder. 

Ballistics Expert Challenges Case Against Pistorius

(ATR) A ballistics expert testifies that Steenkamp did not appear to have been in a defensive position when Pistorius shot her.

Pistorius "Heartbroken," Social Worker Says; Anesthetist Testifies

(ATR) A social worker who visited Pistorius in a police cell the day after he fatally shot his girlfriend testified on Thursday.