Stockholm Happy With Status in 2026 Bid Race

(ATR) Stockholm 2026 has quietly shored up political support and grown its bid in hopes of being a candidate city.

IOC: No Sense of Urgency in 2026 Bid Process

(ATR) Despite the recent losses of Sion and Graz, Christophe Dubi tells ATR the process is the “same as always”.

Italian Government Behind 2026 Bid

(ATR) The Council of Ministers is willing to guarantee support for the Italian candidature for Winter Olympics.

Progress for Calgary 2026 Plebiscite

(ATR) The wording of the question and the timing of the vote remain to be finalized.

Split Support for Sion 2026

(ATR) Swiss government remains onboard as latest poll shows public support slipping.

2026 Winter Olympic Bid Consultants Line Up

(ATR) Calgary's potential 2026 bid already has 17 consultants on board despite the IOC’s push to limit their role.

Graz 2026 is Officially in Business

(ATR) Funding for the BidCo for Austria's second try for 2026 Winter Games is approved.

Flexibility a Strength in Sapporo's 2026 Bid

(ATR) Sapporo is considered by many to be the IOC’s security blanket in the process.

2 Minutes with ATR: Ranking the 2026 Olympic Bids

(ATR) Editor Ed Hula handicaps the field bidding to host the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Seven countries interested in the OWG-2026

Seven Bids for 2026 Winter Olympics

(ATR) Thomas Bach says the IOC has “turned the page” on Olympic candidatures.

Erzurum, Turkey Enters 2026 Bid Race

(ATR) There are now seven potential bids in the dialogue phase of the 2026 process.

Austria and Italy Officially Join the 2026 Bid Race

(ATR) Both countries are putting forth joint bids to host the Winter Olympics.

2 Minutes with ATR: WADA vs Russia, Baseball-Softball Scores with Transparency

(ATR) Editor Ed Hula says IOC, IFs can learn lesson in transparency from the World Baseball Softball Confederation.

Support For Austrian 2026 Bid

(ATR) A joint bid by Graz and Schladming has more support than opposition, according to a new poll.

New From ATR: 2 Minutes

(ATR) Take two minutes with ATR Editor Ed Hula for the news of the week and what’s ahead.

Austria and Italy Join 2026 Bidding Process

(ATR) Despite Innsbruck failure, Austria is trying again while Italy enters race for first time.

Austria Back in 2026 Olympic Race

(ATR) Graz and Schladming want to headline a regional bid, just three months after Innsbruck's failure.

The 2017 Special Olympics Are Here!

(ATR) Athletes already competing ahead of opening ceremony on March 18 in Austria.