ICYMI: Heavy Burden for Weightlifting Leaders: Q&A with Michael Irani

#ICYMI -- In Case You Missed It ... Sometimes the best stories don't get the attention we think they deserve.

Heavy Burden for Weightlifting Leaders: Q&A with Michael Irani

(ATR) Interim Pres. Michael Irani discusses efforts to defuse "explosive" situation ... Exclusively

The World Academy of Sport Partners with The University of London

FINA Aims to Root Out Doping Cheats Before Olympics

(ATR) FINA executive director says doping is a “war we will never win” as the federation ramps up its drug testing program.

Carrard: 'Man of Action' Infantino Can Deliver FIFA Reforms

(ATR) FIFA reforms chief Francois Carrard says he trusts Gianni Infantino to bring much-needed changes to restore credibility.

Sportel Asia Releases Pre-Event Guide as Event Nears -- Conferences and Conventions

(ATR) City Forum returns to SportAccord Convention; Francois Carrard joins TSE Academy, City Events highlights role of city in events.

FIFA Reforms, Expanded World Cup Talks in "Milestone" Meeting

(ATR) FIFA’s reforms chairman Francois Carrard says package of measures approved are “beginning of a new era”.

FIFA ExCo to Hear Final Proposals of Reform Committee -- Federations Focus

(ATR) Also; taekwondo Grand Prix offers Rio qualification; ITU adds six national feds; body builder juniors and masters champs head to El Salvador.

Anti-corruption Body Blasts Secretive FIFA Federations

(ATR) A new report from Transparency International says most of FIFA’s 209 member associations publish little or no information about how they spend millions of dollars from world football’s governing body.

Pound Urges FIFA to Approve Term Limits, Compensation Policy

(ATR) IOC member Dick Pound says term limits and transparency around compensation for FIFA officials are crucial to reforms.

Former FIFA Advisor Slams Carrard Reforms Process

(ATR) Former FIFA adviser says he has no confidence that Carrard’s Reforms Commission will deliver meaningful reforms.

FIFA Reforms Chair Denies Advisory Board Demise

(ATR) Francois Carrard admits his proposal still needs approval...Mark Bisson reports from New York City

FIFA Reforms Chief to Go Public on Proposals

(ATR) Francois Carrard will be asked to lift the lid on the secretive process at Securing Sport conference in New York next week

FIFA Reform Committee Holds Tongue before ExCo Meeting

(ATR) The FIFA reform committee is mum about a proposed reform package after a three-day meeting in Berne.

FIFA Grants Swiss Authorities Access to Valcke Emails

(ATR) FIFA has granted access to emails of suspended secretary general Jerome Valcke.

Scala Provides First Look at Proposed FIFA Reforms

(ATR) FIFA Audit and Compliance Committee chair Domenico Scala developed an eight point plan to reform FIFA.

Little Movement at First FIFA Reform Meeting in Bern

(ATR) Former IOC director general Francois Carrard led a 12-person team in reform discussions for two days.

FIFA Reforms Commission Holds First Meeting

(ATR) The commission is holding its first meeting in Berne.

Sepp Blatter: "I Am Clean. I Know I'm An Honest Man."

(ATR) FIFA chief denies there is systemic bribery and corruption at football's governing body.

Criticism of Blatter "Unfair," According to FIFA Reform Chief

(ATR) The former IOC director general also called football in the U.S. “an ethnic sport for girls in schools.”

Former IOC Official Appointed to Lead FIFA Reforms

(ATR) Francois Carrard says he is "committed to delivering the necessary package of credible reforms."

Former IOC Director General: Blatter Will Escape Arrest

(ATR) Former IOC director general Francois Carrard was on the front lines for the Salt Lake City vote buying scandal.