Ukraine asked Turkey to be one of the guarantors of an eventual agreement with Russia (Turkish minister)

UN establishes official relations with Afghanistan under Taliban rule (Resolution)

UN establishes formal relationship with Afghanistan under Taliban rule (resolution)

US Secretary of Security signs agreement to resolve migration issues in Costa Rica

Auction of three archaeological pieces from Mexico suspended in Belgium

In 2023, 10 million jobs will be needed in cybersecurity

With great demand for professionals in the sector, the third edition of the University Diploma in Cybersecurity Strategy and Cybercrime Intelligence was born, which will be internationally certified

Georgieva batalla para mantenerse al frente del FMI y se espera una decisión "muy pronto"

Senadores demócratas critican duramente repliegue estadounidense de Afganistán

Aliado de Trump niega haber actuado como agente de un gobierno extranjero

Gwangju Readies for World Championships

(ATR) Gwangju promises a robust Aquatics World Championships, without the large budget of other events.

Government Talks on Joint Korean Team on Hold

(ATR) After hitting a snag in discussions for joint Korean teams at Jakarta 2018, government talks are now suspended.

Trump-Kim Summit Comes After Olympic Efforts

(ATR) The culmination of diplomatic moves made during PyeongChang 2018 may come with a Trump-Kim sit down.

Encore! North Korea to Attend PyeongChang Paralympics

(ATR) North Korea will follow its Olympic presence with a trimmed down delegation at the Paralympics in South Korea.

The Two Koreas Under the Same Flag... Extending the Flame

Ivanka Trump Will Attend PyeongChang 2018

(ATR) Korean media report that daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, will attend the closing ceremony.

Nervy First Night for Unified Team

(ATR) The first ever unified Korean team debuted in Olympic competition, but nerves took over and they lost 8-0.

Two Koreas Figure Skating Practice Draws Crowd

(ATR) Aaron Bauer reports from training for the North Korean pairs figure skaters amid media scrutiny.

Joint Korean Skiing Session Venue Given Green Light

(ATR) The possibility of a joint training ski session in North Korea is one step closer to reality.

Shinzo Abe to Attend PyeongChang Olympics

(ATR) Amid frosty diplomatic relations, Shinzo Abe says he will travel to South Korea for the Olympics.

Olympics First Step in Broader Korean Diplomatic Talks

(ATR) Also: Ticket sales approaching 70 percent for the 2018 Olympics and 71 percent for the 2018 Paralympics.

Taekwondo Says Diplomacy Can Promote Peace in Korea

(ATR) Chungwon Choue says World Taekwondo demonstration team will join a North Korean team in PyeongChang.

South Korea Ready to Accept Olympic Talks with North

(ATR) South Korean President Moon says the country must "swiftly come up" with plans to receive North Korea in PyeongChang.

Moon Commutes to Gangneung

(ATR) A trip on the high-speed rail for South Korean President Jae In Moon was part of his larger policy goals for the Games.

PyeongChang 2018 Could Thaw Frosty Asian Relations

(ATR) Also: The Olympic Flame continues its journey through the Southeast of Korea.

Baseball Exhibition Bolsters U.S., Cuba Diplomacy -- Photodesk

(ATR) Click here for photos from Major League Baseball’s groundbreaking visit to Havana, Cuba.

India's Blame Game; Sochi's Diplomacy; Rio's NOC Day

(ATR) President-elect of Indian Olympic Association blames IOC member for suspension ... Sochi briefs embassies ... Rio welcomes NOCs ... Golfing great says sport doesn't belong in Games ... More inside this Olympic Newsdesk ...  

EEUU ratifica venta de cazas F-35 a Emiratos Árabes