From ceremonial flourish, to ceremonial award; I’mPOSSIBLE awards given out at Tokyo 2020

The iconic moment when Russian Paralympian, Alexey Chuvasev, changed the word impossible to the phrase I’m possible has now gone full circle with a set of I’mPossible Awards given out at Tokyo 2020.

Agitos Foundation announces Grant Support Programme 2019 recipients

South Korea Hosts Para Athletics and Para Swimming Training Camp

Agitos Foundation Announces GSP 2018 Recipients

IPC Invites North Korea to Participate in PyeongChang 2018

IPC and Agitos Foundation handover #FuerzaMexico donation to UNICEF

I'mPOSSIBLE programme goes global

Oceania Nations Attend First OCP Workshop

#FuerzaMexico: Paralympic Movement launch fundraising campaign for Mexico - #FuerzaMexico: Movimiento Paralmpico lanza campaa de recaudacin de fondos para Mxico

Proud Paralympian educates junior athletes to develop on and off the sports field at Nottwil 2017

Armenia inspires next generation of Para sports fans with help of I'mPOSSIBLE

Golden Opportunities -- Business Never Stops

(ATR) A new finance and operations senior manager position at the Agitos Foundation highlights this week's Golden Opportunities...

Agitos Foundation Launches 2017 Grant Support Program

The Agitos Foundation launched the fifth edition of its Grant Support Programme (GSP) on June 1 making EUR 650,000 available for Para sport development projects.

Agitos Foundation to Host First Workshops for International Federations

All summer Paralympic sport IFs will be brought together for the first time in Bonn, Germany, from 9-10 March. 

IPC Launches 'I'm Possible' Program in Tokyo

(ATR) The global launch of the "I'm Possible" program will be held in late 2017. 

Agitos Foundation to Launch First National Paralympic Committee Development Programme Powered by Toyota

The Agitos Foundation is delighted to launch the first of its Para sport development activities supported by Toyota.

Young Swimmers and Track and Field Athletes to Benefit from Final Road to Sao Paulo 2017 Training

The final leg of the Road to Sao Paulo 2017 Youth Parapan American Games will get underway in Bogota, Colombia.

Agitos Foundation to Launch Fundraising Campaign to Help Refugees into Para Sport

The Agitos Foundation is calling for the global communities support to help refugees with impairments into Para sport. 

Growth of Para Sport in Asia Continues with Para Sport Management Training Workshop

The Agitos Foundation and Japan Sport Council begin the second phase of a new program aimed at growing Para sports. 

IPC Gains and Renews Partnerships -- Sponsor Spotlight

(ATR) Also: Samsung promotes Paralympic Games program; Nissan makes its presence known at Paralympics

IPC Extends Partnership with BP Until End of 2020

The International Paralympic Committee announced it is renewing its partnership with BP for another four years, running through the end of 2020.

Agitos Foundation, Foundation for Global Sports Development, Extend Partnership to 2020

The Agitos Foundation and The Foundation for Global Sports Development (GSD) have announced a new five-year partnership. 

The IPC and Rio 2016 back public led #FillTheSeats campaign for Rio 2016 Paralympics

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the Rio 2016 Organising Committee and the Agitos Foundation, the IPC’s development arm, gave their full support on Tuesday (30 August) to a global fundraising campaign with an invitation to the world to fund 10,000 Brazilian youngsters to attend next month’s Paralympics.

Agitos Foundation to Help Refugees and Earthquake Survivors Into Para Sport

The development arm of the International Paralympic Committee, the Agitos Foundation, will support projects aimed at helping refugees and earthquake survivors into Para sport as part of its 2016 Grant Support Program (GSP).

Agitos Foundation launches Road to Rio 2016 film series with story of Ecuador's Darwin Castro

In 2012 Ecuador’s Darwin Castro felt his world had ended when he lost his sight. Aged 16, he was diagnosed with Keratoconus, a progressive eye disease, and despite numerous surgeries, his sight could not be restored.

Third edition of Agitos Foundation's pioneering Grant Support Programme launched

Agitos Foundation wins Ghana Sports Excellence Award

Agitos Foundation launches second edition of programme for National Paralympic Committees

Agitos Foundation now accepting proposals for 2014 Grant Support Programme

ChangeMakers initiative uncovers nearly 50 incredible para-sport stories from around the world in celebration of United Nations International Day of Sport for Development and Peace