Japan Olympic Committee forecasts cost of Sapporo 2030 Games at $2.6 billion

JOC officials very confident that an ‘all-Japan’ bid approach will take advantage of existing venues from the Nagano and Saporro Olympic games

Sapporo welcomes IOC to inspect Olympic venues ahead of 2030 Winter Games

IOC’s visit will focus on existing facilities in Hokkaido, Japan’s northern most island

Public support for Vancouver 2030 bid waning, according to new poll of British Columbians

Researchers say “the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent experience of Tokyo as a host city” appear to be reasons for the slide.

No shortage of potential host candidates for 2030 Winter Olympics but plenty of questions still unanswered

Ukraine becomes the fifth country in the running. So far, all of the candidatures have hills to climb before they can be seriously considered by the IOC.

No Winter Games Bid for Germany

(ATR) A bid for the 2032 Summer Games on the Rhine and Ruhr is being heavily promoted.

Barcelona Prepares Winter Olympic Bid

(ATR) A bid from Barcelona for the 2030 Games includes France and Andorra reports Miguel Hernandez.

Sapporo Takes Another Step Toward 2030 Bid

(ATR) It may not be official but signs are pointing to an end to Sapporo's run for 2026.

NOlympics Group Files for Referendum on Denver 2030

(ATR) Opponents of Denver's bid want the city's voters to approve any public spending.

Salt Lake City Planning for Potential Dual Award

(ATR) The 2002 Winter Games host wants to be ready should the IOC opt for another "win, win, win" scenario.