Almost a Year on From Olympics and Records Still Breaking

British Tourism Promotion; Praise for Sochi Ski Venue; Key Qatari World Cup Contract

(ATR) Largest tourism promotion in British history ahead ... Bode Miller says he likes Rosa Khutor ... UK Athletics chief to lead London 2017 ... Qatar 2022 makes milestone appointment ... Pin Points ...

Britain's biggest ever international tourism campaign goes global

Sponsor Spotlight - McDonald's Profits Up; Panasonic's Debt Rating Down; Sochi Marriotts

(ATR) Fast-food giant enjoys strong end to 2011 ... Moody's downgrades Panasonic ... Marriott to open three hotels in Sochi ... Samsung renews IAAF Diamond League ...

London Latest - Olympic Land Debt Probe; Tickets for Test Events

(ATR) Questions raised about how City Hall will deal with $365 million debt ... Test events for aquatics, track cycling ... Next sales phase for Paralympics ... Tourism boost ... Youngsters benefit from free tickets ... Official mascot song released.

VisitBritain Receives 27M Injection Of Funding

Free Entry for 1948 Olympians; Testing Times at Wimbledon

(ATR) Athletes from London’s second Olympics receiving free tickets ... Tennis test event underway ... Game’s great setting sights on gold medal defense ... More inside ...

First-Ever Olympic Sponsors' Summit; PyeongChang Pledges No Conflict of Interest

London hosts first-ever Olympic Sponsors' Summit ... Samsung, VisitBritain partner for London 2012 ... PyeongChang pledges no conflict of interest

Iconic London 2012 Stadium Wrap Scrapped Under Budget Cuts

(ATR) Plans for a huge fabric wrap around London 2012's 80,000-seat stadium are shelved under the British government's wide-ranging budget cuts

Legendary Russian Olympians Visit Henley Regatta

Olympic Newsdesk: Dallas 2020 Bid, Olympic Agency in Rio, Budget Cut Talk in London

(ATR) Dallas, Texas wants to bid for 2020 ... Agency forms for Rio Olympic development ... London's mayor warns against budget cuts ...

London Latest -- Trees, Tickets, and Travel

(ATR) LOCOG denies best tickets already sold... The Olympic Park will become a green oasis... New bridge at rowing venue...VisitBritain unveils Olympic build-up campaign

VisitBritain CEO Looks Ahead to 2012

The 2012 Summer Olympics present an unrivalled opportunity for tourism in the United Kingdom to welcome millions of new visitors to its shores before, during, and after the Games. VisitBritain CEO Sandie Dawe says the entire UK visitor economy should benefit from the Games. More in a Q&A with the leader of Britain's national tourism agency.

ATR Newsmaker Breakfast: Software of Sport

(ATR) Winning the right to host the 2012 London Olympics has become a huge catalyst for change in Britain, ranging from competition on the playing field to competition to stage major events.

ATR Newsmaker Series: London, Britain, Prepare for Olympic Visitors

(ATR) Experts say the British tourism industry appears to be responding to the coming of the 2012 Olympics with proper preparations for the hundreds of thousands of visitors expected for the Games. More from the latest in the series of Around the Rings Newsmaker events - this time, appropriately enough, a tea in Chicago, sponsored by VisitBritain and UK Sport.

Destination UK - Welcoming the World in 2012

Destination UK - Welcoming the World in 2012: Around the Rings Newsmaker Tea

London Update -- Johnson Unveils Legacy Plan; LOCOG Restricts Contractor Marketing

(ATR) London 2012 organizers propose more schools in Olympic Park while new regulations prohibit contractors from trading on Olympic connection

Press Release--VisitBritain leads Britain to Beijing 2008