Own the Podium Welcomes Scott Hutcheson and Andrea Shaw to Board of Directors

VANOC Closes Books, Releases Final Financial Report

July 4 - Vancouver 2010 Olympic organizers say they broke even on an operating budget of almost $1.9 billion.

Olympic Park Concerts; Further Challenges for Furlong

(ATR) Summer festivals confirmed for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park ... New allegations against former Vancouver 2010 CEO ... More inside this Olympic Newsdesk ...

UPDATED: 2020 Bids in Amsterdam; Furlong Suit; Coates on Armstrong

(ATR) Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo 2020 say they're finding new ways to involve youth ... Ex-VANOC chief sues publisher, editor, reporter of allegations ... CAS president wants bronze medal stripped ... More inside this Olympic Newsdesk ... 

Furlong on the Offensive

(ATR) Embattled ex-VANOC chief John Furlong tries to set the record straight after enduring a “humiliating and demeaning” week. ATR's Bob Mackin reports from Vancouver.

Vancouver, Furlong Wait for Police Inquiry

(ATR) Threats to sue – and countersue – await a Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigation into the disputed past of VANOC’s former CEO. ATR's Bob Mackin reports from Vancouver.

European Games; Sailing Elections; Furlong Allegations

(ATR) Plans for European Games inch forward ... Crowded field for ISAF elections ... Ex-VANOC CEO denies abuse allegations ... Sochi welcomes U.S. delegation ... President of Argentina signs YOG guarantees ... More inside this Olympic Newsdesk ...

Qatari Heir to ANOC; New Job for Furlong; Coe's Medal Predictions

(ATR) Crown Prince of Qatar leads Doha bid in Moscow ... VANOC chief joins Vancouver football franchise ... LOCOG chair says "China, USA, then Russia" ... IOC hosts 2018 YOG bidders ...

On the Scene - Low-Key Anniversary for Vancouver 2010

(ATR) Vancouver marks the second anniversary of the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics in subtle fashion. ATR's Bob Mackin reports.

Special Olympics; Sochi Sustainability; Furlong Leads Riot Review

(ATR) Sports leaders leverage Special Olympics for social change ... Rubber stamp for Sochi sustainability program ... VANOC chief to investigate Vancouver riots ... WADA revokes accreditation of Turkish lab ...

Furlong Responds to IOC Query; Autographs Erased from Vancouver Relics

(ATR) Vancouver Olympics chief John Furlong in touch with the IOC over bidding deal ... Olympian signatures erased from 2010 monument…

Possible Pact for Games, Nodar Payout Among Furlong Revelations

(ATR) Vancouver may have won the 2010 Games because of a secret agreement for Russia’s IOC votes, speculates VANOC CEO John Furlong in a newly published memoir. Around the Rings offers an early look.

Emails Suggest VANOC Knew of Course Risk

(ATR) Emails surface showing VANOC knew speedy luge course was dangerous prior to the Games’ start.

Vancouver View -- Winter Olympics' First WikiLeak

(ATR) A leaked U.S. government memo from the Vancouver consulate expressed worries that Olympic security would be compromised by the recession and police overtime cutbacks.

Vancouver View: Taxpayers -- IOC Help VANOC Balance Budget

(ATR) The taxpayers of Canada – and the IOC -- help keep the Vancouver Olympics in the black. More on the latest financial report from VANOC by Bob Mackin in Vancouver…

Vancouver View -- Olympics Premier Resigns, VANOC Ousted from Offices

(ATR) It’s like the Olympics never happened -- B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell leaves office ... VANOC loses its headquarters to police ... GE name comes down on Robson Square ... Jack Poole remembered. Bob Mackin reports from Vancouver ...

VANOC Tells Sochi to Integrate Construction with Planning

(ATR) The head of construction for Vancouver 2010 said he told his Sochi 2014 counterparts to better integrate venue construction with operational planning.

On the Scene -- Vancouver Olympic Debrief Opens with Somber Notes and Praise

(ATR) The debrief of the Vancouver Olympics is in full swing, the highs and lows of the Games recounted in just the opening minutes of this gathering in the mountains of Sochi.

Vancouver View -- B.C. Place Loses Roof; Widow Waits for Condolences

(ATR) B.C. Place Stadium is getting a new roof... Bus driver widow says no response from VANOC... Fans waiting for checks for ticket sales...

Olympic Newsdesk- VANOC Insured for Georgia Luger, Russian Medalists at Kremlin, IAAF Indoors

(ATR) VANOC insurance covers the death of a Georgian luger... Russian medalists greeted at Kremlin... IAAF Indoors concludes in Qatar.

Grading the Games: Vancouver Wins Top Marks, Some Duds, Too

(ATR) Spirited fans, excellent sport, a raft of early glitches and weather issues are all part of the final grade for the Vancouver Olympics.

Vancouver View - Millions of Mittens; Plushenko Creates Medal

(ATR) Three million Olympic mittens have been sold... Plushenko awards himself a medal... Lane violation costs a skater gold.

Vancouver View -- Miller's Gold; Figure Skating Tragedy; Snowboarder Mischief

(ATR) Bode Miller wins gold ... Tragic day for Canadian figure skater ... U.S. snowboarder leaves Games after racy photos ...

The View from Here: London & Sochi Lessons

Sochi and London organizers tell us it's too early to glean lessons from the experience of the Vancouver Olympics, but we have some ideas for them to think about.

Vancouver View - Hockey Tournament "Most Important", Security Questions, London Latest

(ATR) No decision yet on NHL players for the 2014 Olympics... VANOC questioned over opening ceremony security breach... London 2012 reports to IOC on youth program.

ATR Q&A with BC Premier Gordon Campbell

(ATR) British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell tells Around the Rings that early doubts about the Vancouver Olympics are misplaced. In a Q&A with ATR Editor Ed Hula, Campbell speaks with confidence about the way the 2010 Games are unfolding - and the long-term payoff of hosting the Olympics.

Vancouver View -- U.S. Wins Ladies' Downhill; Freeing the Cauldron

(ATR) A one-two finish for the U.S. in women's downhill... Steps taken for greater public access to cauldron... Coffin of Georgian luger reaches his home...

Vancouver View - Canada Crushes Norway; U.S. Snowboarder Misses Out Again

Canada's march to a gold medal in men's hockey is underway... Lindsey Jacobellis disappoints in snowboard cross... Russia's Plushenko pushes for figure skating gold... Lindsey Vonn seeks women's downhill title

Canada Wins First Gold on Home Soil; Alpine Skiing Gets Underway

(ATR) Alexandre Bilodeau sparks huge celebrations after winning men's moguls freestyle skiing... Men's downhill racing starts after weather delays... VANOC cancels snowboarding tickets.

The View from Here: Tragedy Demands Legacy from Vancouver

(ATR) There's no way anybody could speculate that grief, not joy, would be the first emotion to sweep over the Vancouver Olympics.

Sponsor Spotlight: Bombardier, McDonald's, Allstate, Comcast, AT&T

(ATR) Torches and streetcars from Bombardier...real fruit smoothies from McDonald's ... and 3-D Olympians from Allstate. ATR provides a roundup of 2010 sponsors.

2010 Winter Games Competition Begins

(ATR) Luge event goes ahead despite tragedy… men's downhill racing postponed due to slushy snow... Six gold medals up for grabs today.

Vancouver View -- Vonn Injury; Drug Testing; Irish Flag Bearer

(ATR) Injury strikes the medal hopes of skier Lindsey Vonn... Record drug testing plans in Vancouver... New chapter in ladies bobsleigh saga...

Vancouver View: Podiums; Cruise Ship Refunds; Media Hotel Charges

(ATR) British Columbia wood for Olympic medal podiums... Refunds promised in cruise ship cancellation... Media hotels change deposits policy.

Vancouver View -- Biden to Vancouver; Security Demonstration; Intrawest Ad

 (ATR) VP Joe Biden to lead U.S. delegation... VANOC says fans should prepare for airport-style venue security...Intrawest ads for Whistler... Italians face doping fines ... Verizon partners with NBC...

Op Ed: Let the Bailout Games Begin

(ATR) Three years ago a business plan for the Vancouver Olympics predicted the Games would be recession-free. Oops!

Olympic Newsdesk -- Haitian Athletes Dead; Two Cities for 2013 Session

(ATR) The first reports of earthquake fatalities for Haitian athletes... Two cities are in the running to host the 2013 IOC Session that will select a new president...

Vancouver View -- Banners Fly; VANOC Pay Raise

(ATR) Olympic banners unfurled... Pay raise for VANOC...

Olympic Year Begins in Vancouver

(ATR) Vancouverites kicked off 2010 with an annual polar bear swim, but the fun really begins this week with the final month of preparations for the Winter Olympics.

Visiting Olympians Challenged by Limits at Vancouver Venues

(ATR) Is Canada acting neighborly enough? Athletes from the U.S. and Olympians from other countries are complaining of limited access to Vancouver facilities. Karen Rosen reports.