Taekwondo Unification Talks -- Federation Focus

Also: FIBA chooses Baumann's successor; ISSF president's donation; interview with BWF secretary general.

Mediawatch: Thomas Bach Interview

The IOC president answers questions about his visit to North Korea and his meeting with Kim Jong Un.

Gangwon Governor Thinking Big Post-PyeongChang

(ATR) Choi Moon-Soon says PyeongChang 2018 legacy is more than physical, as it catalyzed inter-Korean relations.

The Hula Report: Shaking Hands With North Korea

(ATR) North Korea heads to its first Winter Paralympics. Donald Trump takes credit for Olympic peace moves. ATR Editor Ed Hula has more.

Encore! North Korea to Attend PyeongChang Paralympics

(ATR) North Korea will follow its Olympic presence with a trimmed down delegation at the Paralympics in South Korea.

PyeongChang Paralympics Transition Includes North Korea

(ATR) North and South Korea will meet again to talk potential Winter Paralympics participation.

Not All Peace Outside Olympic Opening Ceremony

(ATR) Dueling protests, bitter cold and ticketless spectators dominate a scene not seen inside PyeongChang Olympic Stadium.

Olympics First Step in Broader Korean Diplomatic Talks

(ATR) Also: Ticket sales approaching 70 percent for the 2018 Olympics and 71 percent for the 2018 Paralympics.

Koreas Agree on Joint Olympic Proposals

(ATR) Two Koreas to march in PyeongChang...but just one women's hockey team. More inside...

North Korea Seeks Round Three of Inter-Korean Talks

(ATR) Another joint meeting of North and South Korean officials could precede the Jan. 20 talks organized by the IOC.

Second Round of Olympic Talks Proposed

(ATR) Talks have been proposed for Jan. 15, ahead of four-party talks in Lausanne. 

North, South Korea Could March as One in Olympic Opening Ceremony

(ATR) High-level talks between North and South Korea open the door for North Korean participation in PyeongChang.

Delegations Set for Crunch Olympic Talks

(ATR) South Korean and North Korean officials are set for Olympic talks in the Demilitarized Zone this week.

Korean President Pledges Unification Through Sport

(ATR) Cooperation between South and North Korean sports teams could unify the peninsula, Jae In Moon said in Muju