Seven IOC Members Vanish Overnight

(ATR) Mario Pescante, Sam Ramsamy, Larry Probst now ex-IOC members.

The Hula Report: Shaking Hands With North Korea

(ATR) North Korea heads to its first Winter Paralympics. Donald Trump takes credit for Olympic peace moves. ATR Editor Ed Hula has more.

Delegations Set for Crunch Olympic Talks

(ATR) South Korean and North Korean officials are set for Olympic talks in the Demilitarized Zone this week.

IOC Members Wanted: Seats Aplenty Open in 2018

(ATR) Seb Coe and Gianni Infantino might need to make travel plans for PyeongChang, South Korea. (ATR) Seb Coe and Gianni Infantino might need to make travel plans for PyeongChang, South Korea.

Bach Reportedly May Lobby North Korea Directly

(ATR) Bach may travel to North Korea to appeal directly in hopes to convince the country to participate in PyeongChang.

Un Yong Kim, 86, Disgraced IOC Power Broker

(ATR) Editor Ed Hula remembers Dr. Kim over 25 years of covering the controversial Olympic figure. 

South Korean President Appeals to UN for Peaceful PyeongChang

(ATR) South Korea President continues to woo North Korea to Winter Games, security issues negotiated on sidelines.

'Colossal' Taekwondo Summit Set For Seoul

(ATR) The meeting between the ITF and World Taekwondo could advance cooperation between the rival federations. 

On the Scene - Joint Korean Olympic Team Only A Concept

(ATR) The possibility of a joint Korean Olympic team for 2018 is still slim. Aaron Bauer reports from South Korea.

On the Scene: Muju to Bring First Dialogue Between World Taekwondo, ITF

(ATR) World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue says Muju 2017 affords time to speak with the ITF delegation.

Taekwondo Helps Bridge Korean Gap

(ATR) A taekwondo demonstration team with North Koreans will attend the world championships in South Korea this June.

IOC Members: How They Rated the London Olympics

(ATR) Eight IOC members give their verdict on the London 2012 Games to ATR’s Mark Bisson.