Sion 2026 Referendum Too Close to Call

(ATR) Sion organizers are "cautiously optimistic" while Swiss IOC member Gian-Franco Kasper says Sunday's vote is "50/50".

IOC Agrees to Sion Sharing 2026 Responsibilities

(ATR) Swiss Olympic Committee and the canton of Valais would co-sign the host city contract with Sion for 2026.

Sion 2026 Bid Team Optimistic Ahead of Referendum

(ATR) Sion's vice-mayor tells Around the Rings poor numbers from a recent poll won't "influence us very much".

Freezing Outside, Friendly Warmth Inside Swiss House -- Photodesk

(ATR) IOC President Thomas Bach was the guest of honor at a reception at Swiss House Monday night.

Sion 2026 Bid Soldiers On

(ATR) The Sion 2026 bid says it won’t miss a beat despite the resignation of its president.

Swiss Sport Federations Give their Support to Sion 2026

The Parliament of Sport unanimously ratified the decisions taken by the Executive Council of Swiss Olympic on March 7, 2017. 

Sion 2026 Ratified By Swiss Federations

(ATR) The final procedural hurdle to make Sion 2026 the official Swiss bid city is unanimously cleared.

Swiss Olympic's Executive Council Nominates Sion 2026 as the Swiss Candidate for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

The Executive Council of Swiss Olympic decided on two important issues regarding the nomination of a Swiss bid for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Game. 

Voters Reject 2026 Swiss Olympic Bid

(ATR) For the second time in four years, residents of the canton of Graubünden say no to hosting Winter Games.

IOC Eyes Official Launch of 2026 Candidature Process

(ATR) IOC tells Around the Rings updated documentation for invitation phase will be available "as of mid-year".

Swiss Tourism Organizations Believe in the Positive impact of Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Switzerland

A survey conducted among directors of Swiss Tourism member organizations shows strong support of a 2026 Games in Switzerland.

Swiss Olympic: Overwhelming Support From Swiss Sport Federations for 2026 Olympic Ambitions

Swiss 2026 Olympic Bids Face Substantial Opposition

(ATR) Swiss journalist believes chances are only 50-50 that a viable bid is submitted to IOC.

No Turning Back for Sion 2026

(ATR) The Western Switzerland bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics calls for the creation of a 27th Swiss Canton.

New Swiss Olympic Boss Begins Busy Year

(ATR) Also: Calgary could soon see results of 2026 bid study

Golden 25 - #16 - 2026 Olympic Bidders

(ATR) The field of candidates will be narrowed considerably by the end of 2017.

Two Projects were Submitted to Swiss Olympic for the Organization of the 2026 Winter Games

Today was the deadline for candidate regions to submit their project descriptions for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Switzerland.

Federal Council Backs Swiss 2026 Olympic Bid

(ATR) The Swiss government is providing support to regional bids vying to host the Winter Olympics earlier than expected.

Regional Swiss 2026 Bid Closer to Funding Goal

(ATR) The western Switzerland bid to host 2026 Olympics needs the support of two more cantons to guarantee funding.

St. Moritz Ski Champs Could Leverage Resort in Swiss Olympic Bid

(ATR) St. Moritz a central part of one of the four regional Swiss bids for 2026 Winter Games.

Youth Must be Served at Lausanne 2020

(ATR) Lillehammer 2016 organizers tell 2020 stakeholders that including youth ideas into all aspects of the Games is the key to success.

Strong Public Support for Innsbruck's Possible 2026 Bid

(ATR) Austrian city faces potential competition from Canada and Switzerland.

Schild: Winter Games Must Return to Snowy Mountains

(ATR) Also: Calgary 2026 bid undergoes structure change; Italian bid for 2019 IOC Session would prohibit 2026 Olympic bid.

Swiss 2026 Bid Decision Moved Up - UPDATE

(ATR) Swiss Olympic tells Around the Rings the move is about strengthening government support for the winning bid.

Four Swiss Candidates Vying for 2026 Winter Olympic Bid

(ATR) Consultation phase of the national process to select a Swiss candidate is now complete.

Swiss Olympic Project 2026: first milestone comes to a close with conclusion of first two successful seminars for bidding projects

The nomination process for a Swiss bid for the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, headed by Swiss Olympic (the National Olympic Committee in Switzerland) passed its first milestone last Wednesday when it facilitated a second seminar with the five participating bidding projects.

Five candidates for a Swiss bid for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games

Five candidates have officially enrolled in the national nomination  process run by Swiss Olympic with the objective to develop a Swiss Bid for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Five Swiss Candidates Announce 2026 Bids

(ATR) Five groups will be battling it out to win the Swiss nomination for the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

Swiss Building Toward 2026 -- Bidding Bulletin

(ATR) Swiss Olympic Committee moves forward on potential 2026 bid; Financial guarantees for LA 2024 one step closer to reality

Sweden Explores 2026 Winter Olympic Bid

(ATR) Around the Rings is told that Stockholm will decide in April whether to bid for the 2026 Games.