World Taekwondo Peace Festival set to celebrate Taekwondo’s contribution to humanity

Una nueva jornada difícil para INFINITY en Worlds 2021: perdió su tercer encuentro ante PEACE

Los representantes latinoamericanos no pudieron ante el equipo de Oceanía en los play-ins y su permanencia se complica

Tokyo 2020 President Calls for World Peace at International Olympic Truce Centre Board Meeting

IFSC launches #ClimbersForPeace campaign to support Peace and Sport

World Taekwondo, Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation and World Baseball Softball Confederation sign MOU

Taekwondo demonstration of the GCS Global Taekwondo Peace Corps Korea

Medals of 2nd European Games Presented in Mir

(ATR) Big reveal for Minsk 2019 ... 

A Good Year for Taekwondo

(ATR) - The sport gets worldwide attention for its role as a peacemaker in Korea. 

Dream Together Seoul Forum 2018

Trump Credits Kim for PyeongChang Success

(ATR) U.S. president praises Kim Jong Un at their summit; Trump pledges no USA travel restrictions for 2026 World Cup.

World Taekwondo President invites IFs to collaborate on THF projects

The Spot in Lausanne Just in a Month

Peace and Sport #WhiteCard Campaign Generated Unprecedented Mobilisation

International Day of Peace and Sport in refugee camp in Jordan

Peace and Sport, Monaco and Drogba Take Action for Colombia

Gangwon Governor Thinking Big Post-PyeongChang

(ATR) Choi Moon-Soon says PyeongChang 2018 legacy is more than physical, as it catalyzed inter-Korean relations.

Encore! North Korea to Attend PyeongChang Paralympics

(ATR) North Korea will follow its Olympic presence with a trimmed down delegation at the Paralympics in South Korea.

The Two Koreas Under the Same Flag... Extending the Flame

South Korean Leader Proclaims Olympics Success

(ATR) South Korean President Moon Jae-In speaks to journalists in PyeongChang about future dialogue from the Olympics.

North Meets South for Taekwondo -- Photodesk

(ATR) Click here for photos from the taekwondo demonstration performed by 30 North Korean athletes alongside athletes from South Korea.

OpEd: Historic Korea Handshake Secures Safety and Success of PyeongChang Games and Athletes

Sport commentator Michael Pirrie analyzes the PyeongChang 2018 Opening Ceremony and it's ramifications for peace on the Korean peninsula.

Pound Hesitant on Unified Korean Team Nobel Prize

(ATR) The IOC doyen says to wait until meaningful post-Games dialogue is had between North and South Korea.

The Hula Report: Improbable PyeongChang

(ATR) The 2018 Winter Games seemed an improbable dream the first time ATR editor Ed Hula visited in 2003. Exclusively for subscribers! 

Not All Peace Outside Olympic Opening Ceremony

(ATR) Dueling protests, bitter cold and ticketless spectators dominate a scene not seen inside PyeongChang Olympic Stadium.

PyeongChang Olympics a 'Landmark Moment' -- ATRadio

(ATR) Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon joins ATRadio to talk the Olympics in South Korea and his new IOC role.

Dialogue Returns to Korean Peninsula

(ATR) North and South Korean officials test a dormant hotline, as momentum for Olympic participation grows.

UN Passes 2018 Olympic Truce

(ATR) The United Nations passed a resolution guaranteeing safe passage of athletes to PyeongChang 2018.

South Koreans Reportedly Courting Trump to PyeongChang

(ATR) South Korea's prime minister lobbied to USOC officials to urge President Trump to attend PyeongChang 2018.

North Korean Athletes Qualify for PyeongChang

(ATR) Also: Temporary stadium built for opening and closing ceremonies will be completed tomorrow.

Statement regarding to PyeongChang 2018