Caster Semenya: A case that should broaden the debate

Is the competitive restriction imposed on the South African only a debatable question of sporting equality?

A new window in the Olympic building

The first edition of the Central American and Caribbean Sea and Beach Games was held in the Colombian city of Santa Marta during the last week with the presence of five Olympic sports and tickets to the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

A stunner in the latest FIBA Men’s Basketball World Ranking

The United States no longer holds the top spot, a position they held for 12 consecutive years.

IOC’s historic step: equal number of women and men on committees

The IOC committees are meeting in Lausanne and for the first time have equal representation of men and women. The new structure also has the presence of refugee athletes.

A renewed taekwondo celebrated its World Cup in Mexico, but will continue on the path to adjusting its rules

The host country won the most medals at the XXV World Championship, which ended on Sunday in Guadalajara and awarded important points to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. In addition, World Taekwondo managed to implement an important regulatory change, similar to the three-set tennis scheme.

“Confidence in Russia’s anti-doping system remains very low”

In December, the sanction against Russia ends and the president of the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA), Witold Bańka, spoke about what the process will be like to verify if the provisions were met. From Russia they asked not to politicize the decision.

Thorpe criticizes FINA: “I am in favor of equity in sports, but I am also in favor of equality”

The multiple Olympic medalist spoke out in favor of equality in sports after assuring that FINA made a mistake in its rule against transgender athletes.

Handball has its first ticket for Paris 2024

Norway successfully defended the crown of the European Women’s Handball Championship after winning the final against Denmark and will accompany France at the next Olympic Games, which has its place because of its hosting status.

With an eye on more gold in Paris, Sunisa “Suni” Lee will leave school in 2023 to focus on the Olympics

The Tokyo 2020 gold medalist is currently in her second year at Auburn University. She won a national championship in the balance beam as a freshman.

It’s not technology, it’s men

The VAR, which in football generates controversy and divides waters, is a great resource in its equivalents of other sports.

Indonesia will submit its bid for the 2036 Olympic Games: the special feature of the announcement

President Joko Widodo, at a conference with Thomas Bach, revealed that the chosen headquarters is Nusantara, the new administrative capital that will begin to be built in 2024.

Modern pentathlon sends signals to the IOC to survive in the Olympic program

In its goal to be reconsidered for Los Angeles 1928, the traditional military discipline eliminated the equestrian test and replaced it with an obstacle course. It was voted last weekend, despite strong opposition from several of its figures.

Kamila Valieva, from a historic leap to a possible tough doping sanction

At just 15 years old, at the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games, the Russian woman became the first female ice skater to make a quadruple jump, but one day later, her doping became public. They are asking for a four-year suspension.

An Inconvenient Marriage?

The history of Olympic football -and the present- leaves doubts about FIFA’s real interest in the IOC universe.

Olympic Phryge and Paralympic Phryge: Paris 2024 presented their mascots inspired by freedom

With 600 days to go before the start of the Olympic Games, Paris 2024 announced its mascots, inspired by traditional red Phrygian hats, a symbol of freedom and inclusion in the history of France.

Qatar nourished by Rio and Tokyo: World Cup and Olympic Games, a necessary relationship

The Olympic event, not so relevant for some clubs and federations, continues to prove to be an opportunity that promotes and hierarchizes many players, in addition to an event that the current FIFA referred to as a model to follow.

Baseball5 rates five stars with fans as the Baseball5 World Cup makes a grand debut in Mexico City

The sport is a fast-paced, modern, scaled-down version of baseball and softball and its popularity is quickly spreading across the globe.

“Gender equality is essential for all organizations and countries”

Thomas Bach, president of the IOC, participated in the Gender Equity Seminar held in Bahrain and aimed to promote measures aimed at “promoting equality and leading by example”.

The road to a safer gymnastics is long, but possible

Amid endless allegations of abuse and mistreatment, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), together with the British Federation and the Liverpool World Championship Organizing Committee, held the first symposium focused on working in healthy and safe contexts for gymnasts around the world.

UEFA’s historic announcement: the Women’s Nations League is born and will qualify for Paris 2024

The competition will have a format similar to that of men: leagues, promotions and relegations; in addition, it will award two places for the Olympic Games, which already have four of the 12 teams qualified.

A problem with no fair solution

Beyond the political responsibility of Vladimir Putin and his people, we must be alert to the extreme deterioration of Russian sport.

Well-deserved recognition to Olympism for its success in restoring the dreams of many athletes

The Olympic Foundation for Refugees and the Olympic Refugee Team received the Princess of Asturias Award, the highest distinction in Spanish sports.

Ledecky, Mcintosh and an extraordinary preview of the race to Paris 2024

The American, seven times gold in the Olympic Games and a great dominator of the long-distance events, won the 1500 freestyle with a new world record in short pools but in the 400 was surpassed by the Canadian, only 16 years old. Just a preview of what will be seen in Paris 2024

United States, six-time world champion; Canada makes history and qualifies for Paris 2024

The North American team easily won the team event at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, qualifying for the next Olympic Games. British and Canadian women completed the podium and also secured a place.

Not just a flags affair

Explaining why the Olympic Games are an incomparable event represents a complex exercise. Unnecessary?

This is your captain speaking: Delta Air Lines becomes first company to integrate brand with LA28 logo

What’s in an A? For Delta Air Lines and LA28, a symbolic partnership.

Paris 2024 combats sedentary lifestyles amongst youth with initiatives in France and in French overseas schools

IBA renews partnership with the International Testing Agency

The International Boxing Association has renewed its partnership with the International Testing Agency as the scandal-stricken sport attempts to reform its image in time for the 2028 Summer Olympics

ROC President expects Russia to host Olympics in near future

Stanislav Pozdnyakov, President of the Russian Olympic Committee, has voiced his expectations for the Russian Federation to host the Olympic Games in the near future. His country will likely have to rely on, and overcome, it’s recent record of hosting major international events.

New name, new me: AIBA becomes IBA to signal reforms amid initial exclusion from LA28 sports program

AIBA is no more. In a move comparable to Facebook’s recent rebranding as Meta, the International Boxing Association has changed its acronym from AIBA to IBA. The organization hopes to use the rebrand to highlight the ongoing reforms being made by the beleaguered international federation.